License: "Episode 12: Autumn Clearout" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Kelidori  


link bloodywing  

OMG that laser pointer thing it soooo much 'cat'. I love this ep. <3

link Vincent  

Excellent travail ! Surtout au niveau des couleurs, comme d'habitude.
Comment avez-vous fait pour animer le laser ?

link Lucius  

What happened to the potions of poshness etc. that were entered in the potion contest?

link Kamean  


link Amic  

Joli !
Juste une petite typo (double) en français : « q’un horyzon » → « qu’un horizon ».

link j-rocky  

You still use traditional pencil for this episode? it looks so clean and so many digital painting techniques here, and i see you have explored the color palette from previous episodes. Nice!

link 预调  


link Xavier  

5 case en partant du bas il y q une faute d orthographe a corriger sinon c est excellent

link David Revoy Author,

@Amic & @Xavier : Merci! c'est" title="fix on github">fixé ici :)

@j-rocky : Yes, but I went a bit perfectionist with my pencil smoothing line. True, I mixed 3D, fractals, filters and many other techniques. I made a lot of fun screenshot during the making-of. I'll post it on the 'extra' soon.

@Lucius : Potion of Poshness is the style of Saffron ; this episode was about all the "non-serious" potions Pepper made.

@Vincent : Thanks! The lazer is animated with Blender ; it's a single vertex moving around with a particle system and a halo material. The animated frames are rendered as a gif with GIMP. I'll do a making of about it in 'extra/bonus'.

@预调 : Thank you for the really nice comment :)

@Kamean, @bloodywing , @Kelidori : Thank you!

link Arsene_M  

Super épisode =)
Merci pour la perspective d'un nouveau systéme d'édition !

link libre fan  

Décidément, Carrot et les potions… même dans ce ménage d'automne, il arrive à faire des bêtises.

Quelle bonne idée, toutes les couleurs de l'automne (feuilles et ciel) avec les couleurs des potions! C'était la bonne saison de répandre toutes ces couleurs.

P03: typos en version FR
* champ pas d'S au singulier
* accent qui manque sur réf*e*rentiel: référentiel

À bientôt pour un essai de traduction en EO ;-)

link libre fan  

Zut raté une autre typo:
P01 une vraie sorcière ne doi*s* pas : ne *doit* pas avec un T.

link 逗比  

这得多少钱啊!不想要给我啊!别这么浪费!玻璃瓶子也是一大堆钱啊!= =

link Chen Xinzhi  

居然有物理知识 这作品真是非常有趣

link David Revoy Author,

@Arsene_M : un grand merci pour le soutient! ;-)

@libre fan : Merci! c'est à présent"> fixé. A bientôt pour l'EO ( j'ai un petit train de retard d'ailleur sur la mise à jour de l'EO ).

@逗比 : Haha, yes, that's a big waste of potions. Thanks for the comment!

@Chen Xinzhi : Thank you! I received a big help from Alexander ( while translating the english main version ) and he has a background in physic too. Here I'm a hobbyist about it.

link Rainbow-Spike  

волшебно @_@

link Annie  

Serves her right (the mean old witch lady!)

link Sonia  

I have tried to play " match the bottle" on that huge pile of potion bottles and I cant imagine you drawing out so many and painting them.. what did you DO!!? =D Amazing liquidy effect! I have binge-read all the Pepper episodes... now my life has no meaning until the next episode!!!!

link Bonaventura Aditya Perdana  

Awesome episode, I feel so excitement while translating. Did you notice for Indonesian version, I add some link to Wikipedia (page 5) to explain readers. Because it's reaaaly hard to explain with own words. :)

link Nina  

Amusing episode, David. At least all that needs to be done is to bury the glass shards, which is far easier than burying an entire mound of potions.

I can't help but notice that Carrot stands on two feet sometimes and uses his front legs as if they were hands. Is Carrot an anthropomorphic (human-like) cat in Pepper's world? Or did Pepper enchant Carrot with a spell or potion so he could carry thick books or boxes of potions like a human? Just curious about Carrot. Thanks.

link David Revoy Author,

@Nina : Hey thanks ! :) Yes : Carrot is an anthropomorphic cat, but almost all creature are anthropomorphic in P&C ( eg. episode 3 page 1 and 2, the Komona market : ).

@Bonaventura Aditya Perdana : That's something nice to add the links. Too bad I can't make them easy to click ^__^ thank you for the translation!

@Sonia : I mixed Blender 3D and a filter in Gimp named 'multifill' to speedup everything. I'll post soon something about it.

@Annie : :-D

@Rainbow-Spike : thx!

link libre fan  

@ David
Je relis tranquillement ma traduction en EO.
Merci beaucoup pour la mise en ligne de tous les autres fichiers corrigés pour l'EO :-)



link ↑我就是上面那个人,没错  


link almos  

Awesome comic, as usual. However, how do they know about Lagrange?

link cfdev  

Always pleasure to read Pepper and Carrot! I love the vortex effect and amazing color as usual.
Good episode.

link Ice Raven  

*cfdev* well MAGIC of corse ! :P

link Ice Raven  

Sorry was for cfdev ,.,.,.,.,.,. MAGIC of corse ! :lol:

link Ice Raven  

almos ,.,.,.,.,.,., (Sorry)

link D. Clarke  

Wow, This is the first time, have heard about pleasant scientific explanation from a witch. I love it!, wish you all the best.

link Cédric  

Hey vraiment sympa ce que tu fais, je ne connaissais pas du tout :)
Pile ce que j'adore en tout cas !

link vm  

neah.... this soft and kind of generic and shading is not as good as the painterly stuff you've done previously. but I like that you experiment. I'm learning from your experiments too.

link Elias  

Great to see your patronage is growing. Nice comic :)

link bto132  

Genial!! Gran capitulo! me encanta esta serie!

y sobre todo! Software Libre!!


link Nickname  

I am intrigued by the fact that she didn't just criticise Pepper for using magic, but also pointed out what Pepper did wrong and how she could have done it better. :) I get the feeling that Pepper could actually learn a lot from these witches.

link Aldraia  

I can understand her objection to the others, but Smoke Potion? That could be useful for that intimidation she was wanting in the last episode... nothing says "powerful witch" quite like magic smoke billowing around you! Also good for a distraction should you need to make a quick getaway, though I suspect that "a true witch of Chaosah does not run away"...

link David Revoy  

This is a very good point , thank you for your care reading it and also taking time to add a feedback.
I think I wanted to speak about "colored smoke" as we can see on last panel ; and the original in French use "fumigène" probably subtly different than "fumée" but both terms are translated "Smoke" anyway. What do you think could be more accurate as a replacement ? it's not too late to modify.

link KittysYeah  

LOL her hair!!!

link Craig Maloney  

There's a firework over here called a "smoke bomb" that creates a lot of billowing smoke. It's usually done as a prank or in places where they're trying to cause confusion. I'd consider that more in the "prank" category rather than something useful since in childish hands a smoke potion wouldn't amount to much.

Put a different way: "A True Witch of Chaosah wouldn't resort to parlor tricks for intimidation; they'd already be intimidating."

link Malou  

Great ! Si en plus on a droit à des références scientifiques, je suis conquis :)

link vfgcvhfgycvbgv uxbvckmvbnjvckx  

love the little animation in the middle!!!!!!!!! keep it up david!!!!

link hey !  

So amazed keep that

link Lola  

Bravo c'est trop bien !

link Oguretrix  

Greetings from Russia!

Its amazing! I left my urgent work just to put an eye on what is Pepper and Carrot... Episode 12. What next?

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you Oguretrix; I think by now you probably read them all. I hope you had a good time!

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, and thank you for the Paypal donation ;-) 👍

link dan  


link Zykaylia  

its dumb

link Craig Maloney  

Thank you for sharing.

link Lil  

Really funny! I love Cayenne's face at the end!

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