The hi-res webcomic option

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New feature for Pepper&Carrot website : the High Resolution button ( HD ) displaying Pepper&Carrot artworks to 2400p!


You can test the HD buttonon all episodes, but for a first time ; I recommend episode 7 . Fastest to load ( 5 pages ). The HD button is at the end of the language buttons:

How it works :

The resolution update the page to 2481 x 3503px, PNG files ( around 13MB to 20MB per page, it can take 1 or 3 minute after pressing the button to load ). The page will fill your active screen. This feature needs a browser with the support of javascript. It's compatible with hi-resolution and retina display.

Next step?
Probably the next technical step will be a Pepper&Carrot API. This simple API will be more about the specification of folder and file naming + a JSON files updated with a database of links to work with all the pages. It should bring many options for connected applications ( eg. it would ease the creation of a computer desktop widget displaying last cover + linking all episodes ).

This feature was coded with the precious help of Sölve Svartskogen, also translator of the Polish version and contributor on the fonts. This project was possible after big autumn cleaning and refactoring with new naming convention.

License: "The hi-res webcomic option" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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