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Dw5 deevad mini speed03

Dw5 deevad mini speed01WIP

Dw5 deevad mini speed01

dw5 Deevad WIP 01

dw5 Deevad WIP 02

dw5 Deevad WIP 04

dw5 Deevad WIP 03

dw5 Deevad WIP 05dw5 Deevad WIP 06

dw5 Deevad WIP 07

Dw5 deevad mini Final

Dominance War 5 ( ) is the international challenge for game artist across the world : an impressive number of the main forum around the world propose to their user to partipate to a global challenge. The aim is simple, create the best game art on a common fictive game rule. This year the contest start with a mini challenge in 3D and 2D ; here I participate to the 2D one with Mypaint and Gimp-painter.

2D artist ( in a nuts shell, the rule is too long to explain it here ) had to create a picture with 2 characters inspired by text in the rules. The guideline were enough large to lets every artist do almost what they wanted in the style they want. Thousand of excellent participations from excellent artists this year ! My final picture is under ; I also posted speedpaintings and WIP picture. Thanks to the help of my friends users on 3DVF ; interraction with other artist is always benefit. Link to the thread on 3DVF ( French )

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link Daires   - Reply

You are AWESOME!!
Hope you´ll win this challenge.

link Deevad Author, - Reply

Thanks Daires, I hope too !

link Jacopo   - Reply

Amazing! What kind of brushes are you using with mypaint?

link Deevad Author, - Reply

@Jacopo : Thx! I use mainly my own brush kit; it's installed by default with mypaint under the label 'Deevad' , or you can download it on this blog ( 'ressources' menu )

link Trébla   - Reply

Once again, you made a fantastic work.

Textures, colors, environment are incredible !

When I see your illustrations, I see I still have lot of work to do !

Good job Buddy ! ;-)

link RoBbbB   - Reply

Great gallery!,... I love to see the progress from sketch to line art to fully rendered... really nice looking artwork.

And thanks for the brushes!... I am migrating AWAY from Windows and Sketchbook Pro and am just about to upgrade MyPaint...
what applet does your gallery preview run through? I am developing my web site with Wordpress and looking at Joomla - just wondered which applet you were using on the blog.
Anyhow... love your artowrk - now to get busy on mine...Ciao!

link REVOY David Author, - Reply

Hi RoBbbB,

Thanks for the comment, for my brush and installation on Linux, I will do a blog post soon on the method to transform a Ubuntu/Linux Mint into a digital painter workstation :)

For the gallery plugin , I use 'colorbox' a jquery based lightbox like. You can find the link on the footer of this page.

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