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I really like this and mostly the colors. I know you did this in GIMP which uses 8bit channels for the color, but this doesn't look like it is 8 bit. I normally use 16 bit in PS and have been keeping my eye on GIMP until it can do what I need it to do. SO the question is, is the image 8bit color or 16bit and if it is 16bit, how did you change that setting in GIMP?

Great work,

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Hi Steven,
The answer is simple ; I use only 8bit for all my artworks.
Screen display only 8bits, and so no difference can be seen between a 16bit and a 8bit at displaying. It's only when working with manipulation of informations ( level / gamma / curves / etc... ) that 16bit reveal a real advantage because they keep more data (even compressed or sampled) than on a 8bit manipulation. It's interesting fo photos , where a lot of infos at capture are always better, but in digital painting ( where all data are created from the scratch ) , 16bit don't make a big difference in my opinion.
But , if you want an open-source digital painting software with 16bit support, no problem : go for the good Krita.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I know GIMP is planning on supporting it in the future and for now I will work with PS. I'm looking to move onto Linux full time and I have been working with both MyPaint and Alchemy lately and like the feel of them as well. I just hate jumping from one application to another and if PS ran on Linux I would be happier.

So thank you again,

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@Steve : Me too for Ps on Linux ;) would be something really good.
I guess you already voted here :
Wait and see what Adobe will do after this survey :)

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That is one of the things that has puzzled me since I started with CG. With all the commercial applications out there such as Maya that will run on all platforms (with caveats regarding graphics cards) why wouldn't Adobe care about Linux. There is a huge market place for them their. Not everyone uses Windows and there is a lot of us that do use Windows that would like to get away from that platform, but are tied to it due to applications that don't support our OS of choice. It just isn't sound business practice.

Anyway, there is my two cents on the topic.

BTW ...I took a recent painting I did and flattened it and create an 8bit and 16bit version for comparison and didn't see a difference. I think unless I go with photo-real and use images with 16 bit color (such as working on matte paintings) I can speed things up with 8bit color instead. I use a lot of layers in PS at times that even with my system can be taxing.

Thanks for your input and advice,

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