2010 Blender Conf with A.Goralczyk

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The video is speeded up to 16X to make this conference of one hour compressed into 3:55 minutes.

Last 2010 Blender Conference, Andy Goralczyk & I collaborate on a "1 hour" public made piece of artwork together. That was a good moment and I thank a lot Andy to had share this moment with me around this picture. Andy created the initial concept in Blender, and I added the final touches in Gimp, MyPaint and Alchemy.

Thanks a lot to Andrew Price from BlenderGuru for recording this video and sharing it with a beautifull editing on internet. See more videos and photos presentations on BlenderGuru or on my previous blog post

Music: Mirwais - Disco Science

License: "2010 Blender Conf with A.Goralczyk" by David Revoy − Copyrighted (do not reuse without explicit permission).
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