2010 Blender Conf with A.Goralczyk

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The video is speeded up to 16X to make this conference of one hour compressed into 3:55 minutes.

Last 2010 Blender Conference, Andy Goralczyk & I collaborate on a "1 hour" public made piece of artwork together. That was a good moment and I thank a lot Andy to had share this moment with me around this picture. Andy created the initial concept in Blender, and I added the final touches in Gimp, MyPaint and Alchemy.

Thanks a lot to Andrew Price from BlenderGuru for recording this video and sharing it with a beautifull editing on internet. See more videos and photos presentations on BlenderGuru or on my previous blog post

Music: Mirwais - Disco Science

License: "2010 Blender Conf with A.Goralczyk" by David Revoy − Copyrighted (do not reuse without explicit permission).
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link Jon Nordby  

Good stuff, thanks for posting.
One thing though, please write MyPaint as "MyPaint". ;)

link Deevad  

@Jon Norby: Thanks for the typo/mistake, and for watching my blog ! Repared :)

link Trébla  

As usual, it's wonderful !

Good job Buddy ;-)

link Pablo  

beautiful work!

pd: can you release the original .blend? (this, grey and orange..is cool)
pd2: you're god

link Deevad  

Thanks Trébla !
@Pablo: Hey thanks; I remember you from facebook ( because "you're god" = ha ha ) For the Blender theme, it's the one of Andy. You should ask him.

link Ren  

Pretty interesting! Could it be that the full length video with the original audio is somewhere? Or that it will be published in a future DVD?

link Deevad  

@Ren : Thanks ! Unfortunately, this is the only recording available of this session.

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