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Update: This three brush are now installed by default in Krita 4, you probably already have them instaled in your brush list (the icon might differ just a little bit).

Also, the pack under is outdated and unmaintained: it probably won't work as designed with recent version of Krita. Check the 'extras' category to find my most recent brushes.

For Krita 2.9 and up
( Note: this brushes are now part of my brushkit 8.1 )

Download & Install :

  • You can download directly the mix-brushes.bundle file here ( in a zip, extract it after download ) or from this folder (source git here).
  • Open Krita, go to _Setting _then _Manage Resources _and then click on the import Bundle/Ressources button. Select the mix-brushes.bundle file on your disk ( you'll see it if File of type is set to _Resource Bundles (*.bundle) _and then press _Open _button.
  • Done! Close the resource manager dialog. The brush should appear in your Brush Presets docker, ready to be used.

I use this brushes more and more to paint my backgrounds ( eg. check previous artwork 'Happy Holidays' ).

License: "Krita mix-brushes.bundle" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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link Aixlen  

OMG David, I admire you just for things like this one! Loved the last set and I'm sure that I will love this one too!! I'm following you to the end!!

link Sassy  

LOVE IT! My fav brushes are the wet ones. Maybe because they imitate RL best.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey, thanks!

link Taposy Rabeya  

Amazing!! This water color art is my favorite one. Thanks for sharing.

link ArtfulButterfly  

Thank you for the brushes!! you are by far the most generous artist ive seen online!!

link Daulat Neupane  

Thanks for the set David. They're awesome!

link David Revoy Author,


link Voltaire  

Hi, will this work on windows os?

link Artful Butterfly  

thank you for these brushes!! you are so generous!

link sumber  

OMG David, I admire you just for things like this one! Loved the last set and I'm sure that I will love this one too!! I'm following you to the endd

link Liz de Souza  

Oh David, thank you so much. I love water brushes and water blending. Will install them ASAP!!!!

link David Revoy Author,

@all : Thanks!

@Voltaire : Yes :) Krita on Windows should be able to open this brushkits.

@Liz de Souza : Hey Liz! Thanks for letting a little message here.

link Micaelle  

David, thank you very much!

link Dejo  

Links for download not working , pls fix it !

link Dejo  

I tried it in another browser it works now, didnt work in mozzila for some reason. Thanks

link PG  

Thank you for sharing this! The step-by-step tutorial was really helpful aswell, appreciate it!

link natty  

thanks for sharing this , it is awesome! it still works with krita 4.2.2

link Hen  

Thank you!! you're a great help

link artsy fartsy  


link Myla  


link Myla  


link kara  


link santiago  

thanks so much man i love you greetings from colombia :)


every time i click open it says that the bundle doesnt exist. i extracted the folder as well. what do i do?

link David Revoy Author,

Hi, you probably need to tell me more about your version; are you using an alpha/nightly version of Krita by any hazard? Because Krita 5 (not released yet) is still in alpha and has still many unknown bug, especially in resources management since this part was totally rewritten (that's why I would suspect it to bug for importing bundles). Let me know!

link Anna  

Hey, if it doesn't work for you, try in another browser!

link vilaisme  

Hey, I am downloading it but my Krita does not see this file because it is BUNDLE instead of Krita brush preset :(

link David Revoy Author,

Mm... Funny, a bit like someone complaining about a plastic bottle of water isn't water.
Bundle are the way to share resources in Krita; the brush preset are inside; Krita can import (they also contains other linked resources; like brush tip, gradients, texture necessary for the preset kpp files to works) if you follow the install instruction, you should have no problem (and if you use a stable version of Krita, not 5.0beta1 that has many bugs)...

More documentation:

link SUNSHInE_  

love it

link SUNSHInE_  

its so cool when your blending fav brushh!!!!

link IvyCan'tWorkThis  

Won't download on my windows 7 computer ;-;

link David Revoy Author,

Hi IvyCan'tWorkThis; it's simple link to a zip file; something as old as Internet exists. If it doesn't work; it means a security system try to prevent you to install or download file archive to your disk. Check your option on your browser, or antivirus; I'm sure it will work fine after.

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