Refactoring Pepper&Carrot webcomic to be compatible with printer

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All long strips are now split to individual 300dpi pages.
4 episodes affected in 30 languages per episode.
Over 500 files manually edited and fixed.
The renderfarm script is now adapted ( simplified ).
This was a massive work of hundreds of hours.

Changelog :

Episode 1 :

Problems: It was a single long strip designed for web in first age of Pepper&Carrot.

  • The panels are now wider and were patched to extend to the new panel size.
  • The last panel takes now a full page. A starfield was added to fill the empty space.
  • Three moon corrections to fit with the cosmology of Hereva.
  • No more green panel border. Panels color are white to respect a standard.

Episode 2 :

Problems: It was a single long strip designed for web in first age of Pepper&Carrot.

  • Drawing a new panel on page 4 was necessary to fill the page.
  • A lot of panel extension painted on the top for wider panels.
  • No more foggy border, back to a solid square design. ( foggy rounded panel are for flashback or dream ).

Episode 3:

Problems: Page 2 was irregularly sized.

  • Page 2 first panel was extended and recolorized.
  • Page 2 : speech balloon position were modified a lot.

Episode 5:

Problems: Last panel twist (page 4 ) was a irregularly sized page.

  • A new panel was added, a close-up on the house. Many details were added. It's now a 'zoom out sequence' of panel.

Git commit :

Standard infos :

Now Pepper&Carrot pages are all 2481x3503pixels, sRGB, 300dpi.
At episode 13, it represents now 74 comic pages ( x 30 languages , 2220 pages )

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link Jo   - Reply

Wow ! That's a huge work you have achieved ! And I guess that wasn't very fun to do.
I'm glad to you for this cleaning task. I intend to print a comic book of P&C with my own project when it will be finished (at the end of he year, I hope).

Good luck and bravery for the next episode. :)

link Ncarrier   - Reply

Nice !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jo , @Ncarrier : Thank you :) Yes it was a really repetitive task over hours and hours. But it feel good when all is over :) A printing project? very cool !

link Jo   - Reply

I'll just print it for my personal use.

link Glenn S   - Reply

Great (and massive) job. Also, cheers for the mini set of brushes you just released.

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