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Update: This three brush are now installed by default in Krita 4, you probably already have them instaled in your brush list (the icon might differ just a little bit).

Also, the pack under is outdated and unmaintained: it probably won't work as designed with recent version of Krita. Check the 'extras' category to find my most recent brushes.

For Krita 2.9 and up
( Note: this brushes are now part of my brushkit 8.1 )

Download & Install :

  • You can download directly the mix-brushes.bundle file here ( in a zip, extract it after download ) or from this folder (source git here).
  • Open Krita, go to _Setting _then _Manage Resources _and then click on the import Bundle/Ressources button. Select the mix-brushes.bundle file on your disk ( you'll see it if File of type is set to _Resource Bundles (*.bundle) _and then press _Open _button.
  • Done! Close the resource manager dialog. The brush should appear in your Brush Presets docker, ready to be used.

I use this brushes more and more to paint my backgrounds ( eg. check previous artwork 'Happy Holidays' ).

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David Revoy, with additional custom rules
mentioned at the end of the article, .
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link Aixlen   - Reply

OMG David, I admire you just for things like this one! Loved the last set and I'm sure that I will love this one too!! I'm following you to the end!!

link Sassy   - Reply

LOVE IT! My fav brushes are the wet ones. Maybe because they imitate RL best.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, thanks!

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Amazing!! This water color art is my favorite one. Thanks for sharing.

link ArtfulButterfly   - Reply

Thank you for the brushes!! you are by far the most generous artist ive seen online!!

link Daulat Neupane   - Reply

Thanks for the set David. They're awesome!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply


link Voltaire   - Reply

Hi, will this work on windows os?

link Artful Butterfly   - Reply

thank you for these brushes!! you are so generous!

link sumber   - Reply

OMG David, I admire you just for things like this one! Loved the last set and I'm sure that I will love this one too!! I'm following you to the endd

link Liz de Souza   - Reply

Oh David, thank you so much. I love water brushes and water blending. Will install them ASAP!!!!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@all : Thanks!

@Voltaire : Yes :) Krita on Windows should be able to open this brushkits.

@Liz de Souza : Hey Liz! Thanks for letting a little message here.

link Micaelle   - Reply

David, thank you very much!

link Dejo   - Reply

Links for download not working , pls fix it !

link Dejo   - Reply

I tried it in another browser it works now, didnt work in mozzila for some reason. Thanks

link PG   - Reply

Thank you for sharing this! The step-by-step tutorial was really helpful aswell, appreciate it!

link natty   - Reply

thanks for sharing this , it is awesome! it still works with krita 4.2.2

link Hen   - Reply

Thank you!! you're a great help

link artsy fartsy   - Reply


link Myla   - Reply


link Myla   - Reply


link kara   - Reply


link santiago   - Reply

thanks so much man i love you greetings from colombia :)

link ANANYA P TEMKAR   - Reply

every time i click open it says that the bundle doesnt exist. i extracted the folder as well. what do i do?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi, you probably need to tell me more about your version; are you using an alpha/nightly version of Krita by any hazard? Because Krita 5 (not released yet) is still in alpha and has still many unknown bug, especially in resources management since this part was totally rewritten (that's why I would suspect it to bug for importing bundles). Let me know!

link Anna   - Reply

Hey, if it doesn't work for you, try in another browser!

link vilaisme   - Reply

Hey, I am downloading it but my Krita does not see this file because it is BUNDLE instead of Krita brush preset :(

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Mm... Funny, a bit like someone complaining about a plastic bottle of water isn't water.
Bundle are the way to share resources in Krita; the brush preset are inside; Krita can import (they also contains other linked resources; like brush tip, gradients, texture necessary for the preset kpp files to works) if you follow the install instruction, you should have no problem (and if you use a stable version of Krita, not 5.0beta1 that has many bugs)...

More documentation:

link SUNSHInE_   - Reply

love it

link SUNSHInE_   - Reply

its so cool when your blending fav brushh!!!!

link IvyCan'tWorkThis   - Reply

Won't download on my windows 7 computer ;-;

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi IvyCan'tWorkThis; it's simple link to a zip file; something as old as Internet exists. If it doesn't work; it means a security system try to prevent you to install or download file archive to your disk. Check your option on your browser, or antivirus; I'm sure it will work fine after.

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