Video tutorial: coloring with Gmic Colorize[interactive] in Krita

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I recorded this two tutorials videos to illustrate the usage of two new and upcoming features in GMIC for Krita 2.9 : Colorize[interactive]. [Edit 2018] This was the first method of auto-coloring in open-source and quickly the method received improvement. Nowaday, a built-in method exist in Krita 4.x (check right click on a layer, Add, Colorize Mask and check the documentation about it) but also GMIC investigated new method; the Smart coloring tool. But all in all, the colorize[interactive] mask still exists and is still one of the best method. This video still propose a good workflow:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Result artwork: Schichimi & Yuzu, future secondary character of Pepper&Carrot