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My open webcomic project, is no longer fully hosted on this blog and got a new website to develop its community life. After a lot of effort at splitting all; the website is now online. Check the fan-arts gallery, and a fully illustrated 'Philosophy' page. Pages are also now faster, and I can host the 'Sources' directly. Feel free to send any feedback about it if you meet a problem or see an easy improvement. Challenge now: finish to draw long episode #6 'Potion challenge' , answer all emails and finish freelance artworks.

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link PrinzEnrique   - Reply

Found your Flattr button on the new site. YAY :D
Although I would recommend setting up your CMS to automatically create a button for each article. A single button can only be clicked once per month so the more buttons you have the more people can give to you.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@PrinzEnrique : Hey :-) Good to know, I 'm very new to Flattr ; sure, I'll try to do a better setup during the end of month to include on the CMS at the end of the episodes. Thanks for your support !

link Itzcuauhtli   - Reply

Congratulations mi amigo!! Wow, I awesomed to see how to grow-up your personal proyect. I see the webcomic webpage and is very clean and with the same flavor form your page (and personally I think that was a good decision)

I wish you a great future with this proyect. And I contribute with a few fan-arts (your style inspire me to draw :D )

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Awesome pieces! So inspiring your art work. I really appreciate your work.

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