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Update July 2016: This article is outdated and with appimage I'm not using PPA anymore, if you have new information about the PPA, leave them in the comment! thank you.

The Krita team has an official ppa ( named Krita Lime ). This ppa provides fresh versions of Krita for Linux Mint 17.3 , Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ( and Ubuntu-testing 15.10 ) and Elementary Freya 0.3 users. To install Krita via this ppa, copy the code lines one by one ( Ctrl + C in your browser ) and paste them one by one in a terminal windows ( Ctrl + Shift + V ) then press enter.
Note: You can only install a single version of Krita on your system.

Krita 2.9

This is the last release of Krita, in the 2.9.x series.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dimula73/krita  
sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get install krita-2.9

Krita animation 2.9 beta

This is a popular beta release ( in progress ) with the features 'animation' and 'level of details'.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dimula73/krita  
sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get install krita-animation-testing

External links :

Ppa page for more info :
Original Dmitry's (maintainer of the PPA and Krita developper ) blog :


link Nezumi  

Good to see you back! I am using it for some time under Linux Mint - so far works flawlessly.

link lachoneus  

Awesome! I just installed it on Kubuntu 13.04, working great. I had to restart my system to get Krita to start though. Is that normal?

link David Revoy Author,

@Nezumi : Hey ! Thanks for the feedback about the test in Linux Mint main

@lachoneus : Thanks for the tip ; I really need to test Kubuntu 13.04 , btw.
About the restart, I don't know. Probably a lot of updated dependencies needs to be re-run to launch Krita. I saw quite a lot of libs updated in my test.

link kot-barbos  

I've tested Krita Lime under Xubuntu 13.04, there was some bugs for me, but some new features are awesome.
About reboot - yes, Dmitry Kazakov told me that is necessary after installation.

link IK.Vincento  

:) ive tested in kde version of linux mint. Krita 2.8 is fine with B5 canvas size ...but with A4 size my brushes looks Laggy (>w<)" . Have something i need to do for my brushes work nice? a configuration/disable/enable something on menu? thank u 4 share things on your blog. I'm a big fan of your work (^r^)v

link IK.Vincento  

Oh i have solved the lag problem XD~

.-. is the ppi size ...with 300ppi the big brush become slow (@_@)

but with 52 the A3~A6 runs without any problem.


link kot-barbos  

@ IK.Vincento, also you may try to Enable OpenGL, it may increase speed too. For example, if you rotate canvas with CPU rendering it becomes slow, but with OGL it OK.

link David Revoy Author,

@kot-barbos : hey Kot, thanks for confirming ; and also thanks for the news about the PPA, I knew about it thanks to your post on the comment of my previous article.

@IK.Vincento : Yes, Kot is right ; try to turn openGL on on the preferences, it may help if your CGcard is better than your CPU for Krita. Turning down the ppi sure will make everything faster but you'll loose in quality and resolution. Big and complex brush are always slower than geometric and simple little brush. Thats why it's easier to start an artwork on low resolution and upscale it on the way for low computer performances. Also, the processor may help performances : Krita behave quite fast and smooth on a 2.8Ghz icore7 .

link jules leroux  

je sais pas quomment vous faites mais je suis touché par chaqu'un de vos dessins . bravo !!!!!!!
ps(vous aviez fait où vos études ?)

link IK.Vincento  

Wow. thank you guys. Enable the open-gl makes my krita run like a charm.

the new 2.8 version after 8 hours of non-stop drawing , works nice without any bug or lagg ...and is a beta version Omg ...i can't wait to see the version 2.9 (*r*)/

many thanks again

link David Revoy Author,

@jules leroux : (◡‿◡✿) Merci ! Pour mes études, j'ai fait un Bac Art-Appliqué au Lycée Marc Chagall à Reims puis j'ai continuer ma formation après bac en autodidacte.

@IK.Vincento : Oh wow, 8 hour non stop ! that's cool . The master version on the PPA is 2.8 at start ( so really near to 2.7 finished ) with a bit of new features on the top. So, still stable and really far from being the true 2.8 ( and far from 2.9 ) ; if thing goes wrong after an update , don't hesitate to report :-)

link IK.Vincento  

I got a new Bug with the OpenGL enabled .. my krita 2.8 have a brush lag and the brushes don't work on canvas. If you try press the second button for show the Quick menu ...a bug comes again and all stop work. Anyway I try install a new clean version ...and anything change.

After that i decided change my Nvidia Exprimental Driver and install a Nvidia binary Xorg driver. And the bug has gone. :D

I have no Lags with my Gimp too XD . I just post a feedback ...if someone have the same problem and don't know how to solve ...maybe is something wrong with the Graphic Card driver ... =(

link David Revoy Author,

@IK.Vincento : hey, I don't know what happened to your install or setup. Sorry to hear things turned bad. You certainly need feedback from the developpers; don't hesitate to post a bug report and try to detail all ( type of CGcard, driver name ). It's easy in Krita ; Menu > Help > Report Bug , or manually go here with a account : . You can also chat with the team here , for faster answer. Good luck

link Michał  

Hey, as for now Krita works very good in Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon 64 bit but could someone tell how to create launcher?

link Michał  

Ok, nevermind I resolved the launcher problem but I have another question:

How to install additional brushes for example V2.1?
I've placed those brushes in /.kde/share/apps/krita but they don't appear after Krita start.

link David Revoy Author,

@Michał : hey, nice feedback about Mint 15 64bit ; I saw review today about it, and I'm also curious to test it. One of the best 13.04 derivative as far as I had feedback. About the Brushkit ; check the path and subfolders ; I have a picture of my file manager ; it can guide you to hunt the error :

link Michał  

I was using Ubuntu for a long time but 12.10 and 13.04 are disaster for me - shame because I like Gnome Shell very much.
As for Mint 15... it's very nice OS and what's more important it works out of box with some minor tweaking so I definitely recommend it.
Only thing I couldn't find in Mint is Wacom Settings Applet - have no idea where it goes.
I've checked brush directory and it's definitely same as yours but they won't show up in Krita. Maybe I will delete .kde directory and try to reinstall Krita... will see.

link David Revoy Author,

@Michał : Weird, :-/ Maybe a permission issue on the uncompressed file ?

link Drayldan  

Hello David, is there any chance you will release some .krarec files to analyse and learn? I just mean Krita's macro files about painting. :)
I look for some "live" demonstration of how Krita is being used by skilled artist like you.

link David Revoy Author,

@Drayldan : Hey DrayIdan ; I don't think the macro works for painting ; I think video recording and playback is still a better option. I'll try to make new video about Krita soon.

link Michał  

Hey, it's me again. I've left Mint 15(it crashed very seriously and I need stable environment) and returned to Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit - Krita 2.8 + additional brushes (V2.1 , etc) works great:D

I've seen somewhere demo about new brush in K 2.7... is this brush also in K 2.8?

link David Revoy Author,

@Michał : Hi, ouch ! hard to switch distribution ; but I understand the quest of stability ! If you point me the demo ; I 'll can give you infos on the brush ; a lot of artist create brush preset. The default kit is maintained by Animtim.

link Michał  

It was demo made by you David(I think)... something with oriental flower in title!? I don't remember where I have seen this.

link Neve  

This is a stupid and newbish question, but how does one continually update this version of Krita? What do I type in the terminal? Also, is there something like this available for Gimp and MyPaint? Or are their ppas pretty much the same idea?

Thanks for everything you do! I love the new features that will be implemented later for 2.8. *-* The canvas extending feature is a work of genius!

link David Revoy Author,

@Michał : oh , this one :-) I have to share it. I must update my brush pack. I can't share only the *.kpp file of preset : this brush need a special shape and a special texture to work. I'll update my brush kit soon. It can be reproduced with a 'smudge brush' engine, a 'predefined brush' bitmap mask looking like dots with few spacing, a bit of paper texture in it.

@Neve : Hey Neve, no question is stupid :-) We all started at a moment on Linux/Ubuntu , and I understand how it can be desorienting sometime . Just use the 'update' manager of your system. There is certainly a GUI for it. Or ask an update from terminal :
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
And sure, other projects got PPA, I made article about it :"> Gimp last stable PPA"> Mypaint development PPA

link GrindGod  

I have installed 2.8Alpha1 on Kubuntu 13.04. Directly after Install there's no Menuitem created and launching from Terminal wasn't possible. Rebooting fixed both as mentioned above.

After first start of krita i had a problem with low pen pressure. Adjusting the pressure Curve doesn't fixed it but after enabling OpenGL it gets better. There was still an X-Server error that seems to be associated with Touch Devices in general and might be the cause of this problem:

X Error: BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter) 5
Major opcode: 20 (X_GetProperty)
Resource id: 0x0

So now i am looking forward to do some more testing after breakfast :P

link David Revoy Author,

@GrindGod : Hey GrindGod, your test are precious as I don't know testers yet on 13.04 ; but developpers will not see it on my blog , or remember about it.
Please report it to the bug tracker, I give you all the links ( you may need to create an account, but this worth it as you can report on this tracker any problems with other KDE apps and system ) :

- New Krita bug :">
- Last bug entered :">
- Last addition to the code :">

Thanks !

link GrindGod  

Hi, is there a site where the changes in the test build are documented (in a user-friendly readable way)? I have done some research but found nothing.

link David Revoy Author,

@GrindGod : Hi GrindGod, this one is probably the most user-friendly readable way :">

link hideaki  

Salut David, j'aimerai suprimer ce ppa ainsi que le krita les dependances qui vont avec pour installé depuit le ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports pour avoir la dernière vertion stable pour voir si sa régle mon problem de canvas refractaire.
Mais j'ai peur de foutre le bordel comment doit-je faire pour ne pas réinstaler toute ma distrib?

link David Revoy Author,

@hideaki : Coucou , sous les 'buntus ; l'outil s'appelle 'ppa-purge' , mais peux être dangereux comme pour toute manipulation des paquets. Je conseil fortement un backup avant de jouer avec ça.

link Ashwin Nandihalli  

can install two versions of krita, an stable one, and another Krita Testing

link azrul  

ive successfully installed it to Elementary Os Luna,work like charm.thanks to you,

link David Revoy Author,

@azrul : Thanks for the feedback ! Good to know this PPA still is in sync with older 'buntu base as 12.04. Support till 2017 is still a good deal for this OS family. Here I can't test it anymore daily, because I distrohopped to Manjaro , and keep it now longer than just for a test period. I tested Elementary OS , and loved it. But, Pantheon , -as every compositer- is still a bit on my way for the frame rate of brush stroke and general smoothness. I still prefer Openbox/Awesome or Xfce without compo for my workstations. Elementary OS will probably be the OS I'll install for family and on my HTPC ; I just have to upgrade kernel and some dep to make it compatible with USB of Android devices.

link Darrick Robets  

I'm new to Ubuntu, so thanks for the simple instruction to type Krita from the terminal. I couldn't launch it otherwise, and thank you Mr. Revoy and the Krita team for all of your dedicated and difficult work!

link David Revoy Author,

@Darrick Robets : Oh good to know it's working :)

link ElectricPrism  

Installed on Elementary OS Luna

Can't locate Krita 2.8 in the launcher but maybe it'll turn up, thanks for the packaging :)

link iamcreasy  

@ElectricPrism Open a terminal and open krita.

I had the same issue and couldn't find the launcher. (Ubuntu 14.04)

link MarlokPopapop Chukichuki  

I'm on ubuntu 12.10 and I tried installing Krita 2.9 the way you said. I tohugh it would be compatible with the 12.04 build but it give error depenecies everywhere. HOw can I intall it? Pls thanks

link David Revoy Author,

@MarlokPopapop Chukichuki : Hi, unfortunately you can't install Krita 2.9 on this old version of Ubuntu. Also, my article is from May 2013, and two years is a lot in Linux world a lot of things changed.

Have a look at this :
this is all the repository got for Quantal 12.10 . First 2.9 appears at 14.04 or 14.10 or 15.10
sudo apt-get install krita-2.9
( no more krita-testing )

link David Revoy Author,

[ update ] : Previous version was published in 2013/05 ; Today I updated the article and tested the ppa.

link eukleyv  

Hi, you said "You can only install a single version of Krita on your system." Does this mean I need to uninstall the 2.8 version I have before type those lines in the terminal?

link David Revoy Author,

@eukleyv : Yes, you need to remove the 2.8 before upgrading 2.9 via PPA.

link FabKzo  

Bonsoir David,
je voudrais tester le hdr painting avec krita ( pour ajuster le/les sources de lumière de panos 360 hdr) mais je me trouve confronté à un gros problème de lenteur dès l'ouverture d'un .exr ( ~10 min juste pour l'ouverture) aurais-tu une piste pour remédier à ce genre de problème ?
Je suis sous ubuntu 15.10 64bits 24 Go ram.

link David Revoy Author,

@FabKzo : Bonsoir, Désolé, je ne suis pas compétent dans cette partie du logiciel ( HDR ) une fonction que je n'utilise pas du tout. En tout cas, il doit y avoir un soucis. Peut-être est il possible d'en savoir plus en répétant l'opération mais après avoir démarré Krita dans un terminal ( en tapant krita + enter ) pour avoir des informations. Le développeur compétent s’appelle Wolthera et peut-être contacté en soirée au heures européennes sur le chat de Krita sur IRC. ( dispo ici dans un navigateur : , channel = krita ).
Un autre piste ; tester avec la version 3.0alpha en dev actuellement ; c'est possible en téléchargeaont, puis en lançant cette *.appimage :

link Marcos  

Can i add this ppa in a 32 bit system?

link David Revoy Author,

@Marcos : Hi Marcos, I guess it depends the content of the PPA. You can check on the page , and filter the result with your version of operating system ( eg. here I use Linux Mint 17.3 based on 14.04 trusty ubuntu , so I filter by 'trusty' to see the available package ). Then I click 'view package details' to see the list of package. Usually, all PPA compile for amd64 (64bit) and i386 (32bit). Good luck !

link Marcos  

Thanks for the feedback, i use Xubuntu 14.04.4, and when i filter it shows the result.
Thanks again for your time. Love your work.
Note, if possiple It will be cool if you show us all the ppa that you use for your application, like blender, hougini etc... For user that starting is a good reference to now where to get latest version, since that ubuntu repositories by default always come with old version.
Thanks again.

link David Revoy Author,

@Marcos : Thanks for the feedback !
Here is a quick list :-)

link Marcos  

Copied and pasted...
Thanks again David.
Thanks for your time, as always you are so amazing person having time for us, answering my questions and publishing such amazing tutorials. I just use this opportunity to give you a positive feedback, just for you to have an idea im from Cape Verde a remotely islands near the west coast of africa, and i follow you since sintel project to your new peper and carrot project, contributing alot for me as an artist.
God bless you and your work.

link David Revoy Author,

@Marcos : woohoo! A big thank you, I'm on the last hours before releasing a new episode of Pepper&Carrot ( ep 15! ) and your comment fills me with energy to keep going all the night to polish details. Thanks! See you around soon.

link Takiro  

Is there already a repository with Krita 3.0 for Ubuntu (16.04)? I searched the web but couldn't find anything.
The download on the Krita website is an appimage, which is okay if you want to try it but I can't work with it that way.
Using the appimage Krita is not aware of my settings or brushes I already made in my installed version nor can I use OpenGL. The system isn't aware of Krita 3.0 also. Because of that I cannot open a file in Krita via kontext menu.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey ; the ppa exist ( Krita Lime ) but it will be removed soon because maintaining the ppa is too much work for the developpers.
The new method will be the 'snap' package ; on my side I'm a bit disapointed with the 16.04 system. The version of Qt on it makes many issue with Krita . I moved already my laptop on Manjaro with a XFCE desktop...

link Takiro  

I thought so.

I thought about Manjaro, too because it has Krita in version 3.0 in it's repo already. I just recently moved to Kubuntu 16.04 and was already a bit disappointed with Kubuntu 15.04 and 15.10. The new Plasma-Shell was too buggy and some stuff like the Wacom-Settings dialog was missing and other things were simply broken. I had to configure my tablet via command line from 15.04 and on which is a pain.
Maybe I just compile it for Kubuntu 16.04 myself (I'm not that happy about the new snap format) and try how it works for me but most likely will move to Manjaro too. Can you tell me anything about (wacom) tablet support in Manjaro?

btw, thanks for the tutorial about blending modes. I never really used the feature because I had no Idea for what and how. :3

link David Revoy Author,

cool for the blending modes :)

I have same observation as the one you describes for the test with last 'buntus . I also tried to build the wacom-setting for KDEplasma5 , I saw a branch for it, but it wasn't updated since last autumn and refused to even build on my side.

I also now configure my tablet with xsetwacom from command line ; and install a dedicated displayCAL to calibrate colors... What a regression! In 2011 I was able to do all of this via GUI within the same desktop environment ; and even on 2007 or 2008 the wacomcpl was managing this for all desktop.

Wacom support in Manjaro is non-existant. Manjaro is similar to ArchLinux for the technologies ( using pacman / AUR / compatible with the Arch wiki ) , but has an installer, script to install newer kernels, a add/remove app GUI app, and script for proprietary gfx driver. They have their own repo ( more or less mirrored from Arch stable ) and as far as I understood do system upgrades a bit differently from Arch. So far, I spent only 8 days painting with this and the default Krita 3.0 package of Manjaro, and it's well packaged. But I need to spend month in it to see how it's behaves on long terms. I already was a Manjaro user for a long period, and I had issue with a system upgrade. Rolling-release-system are still a bit dangerous. On the top of the Manjaro OS ; you'll find XFCE, or KDE or GNOME ( a lot of spin exist ) with customised theme and colors... Good luck!

link Takiro  

I find it alarming that tools like wacom-setting keep disappearing from the distros because it makes it very hard to use them professionally. I once wrote to the developer of wacom-setting and it seems that there where some problems with QT and plasma and the package is no longer maintained or developed as you can see here
I'm not only an artist but also a developer and was on the verge of writing a program to configure the tablet myself but I don't want to write the tools, instead I want to use as much of my spare time as I can to paint.

I once met one of the Krita developers. I don't know if he still works on that project but I think I'm going to write him and ask for help. Maybe they can take tablet configuration into Krita or something because Krita itself gets hard to use if tablets don't work with the system. Or we should request it as a feature on the Krita bugtracker.

If all fails and nothing happens in the next release I can see that I'm writing the Program myself, probably just GUI front-end for xsetwacom for a start. I could probably live with using the terminal but it's just too complicated for new and unexperienced users who just want to draw and I want everyone to be able to paint.

link Takiro  

I compiled it myself today and tried it but it's impossible to work with it. After every stroke it takes some time before the brush is 'applied' to the canvas. On long brush strokes it even takes a few seconds to render and the outcome is impossible to predict. that must be one of the issues you mentioned.

link nova  

Hey! I see the krita-2.9 package, but I don't see any available for the 3.0 release. Will there be one available in the ppa soon? or am I looking in the wrong place?

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Nova,
Yes, the PPA is dying a little, Krita developpers will close it probably soon.
I think the Krita 3.0 is 'krita-next' package in the ppa, but I never tested.
The future method to get Krita on this platform will be via appimage/flatpack/snap.
On my side, I moved last month to Manjaro, because Krita 3.0 was too unstable with old patched Qt of Ubuntu 16.04 anyway...

link Guia de Compras  

The best software for linux. Use and recommend.

link Geek  

I'm love Krita.

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