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Gimp 2.8.4 Ppa

07 february 2013

Gimp 2.8.4 was released yesterday, with bug fixes to polish the 2.8 family. 
I particularly like the new fixes for this version, because it solve a strong problem introduced in the 2.8 serie ; slow and laggy selection tools and transformation widget , brush outline.
I was active on the Gimp bug report to give feedback and thanks to the brilliant Gimp developers the problem was solved just after few days. With this version, all is much more responsive. The fix slept since this autumn waiting the release, and now released.

Here is how to update your version using the updated PPa of otto06217 :

PPA for Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10, Linux Mint 13 or 14 :

Open a terminal , and copy paste this lines one by one, then press enter. Press ok or enter if the terminal prompt you.
Note : Ctrl+Shift+V to paste inside a terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp gimp-plugin-registry gmic

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1. liquidape

thursday 07 february 2013, 16:59

Thanks Daveed! Works like a charm for me in 12.04

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2. santiago

thursday 07 february 2013, 22:33

hey david, is it possible and safe to use this ppa and the fork "gimp for painter" ( 2.8) together ??

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3. Nicolas

friday 08 february 2013, 00:53

Santiago, I have not tried with the latest gimp 2.8.4 (still on 2.8.2, will upgrade later today) but it should not be a problem to run it in parallel with gimp-painter. Assuming you compile gimp-painter from sources, you just have to build it with a different "prefix" and "gimpdir". For example I use something like that for the autogen call:
./ --prefix=/opt/gimp-painter --with-gimpdir=.gimp-painter

This way, when you do the "make install" gimp-painter will be put in /opt/gimp-painter and the local settings in your home directory will be under $HOME/.gimp-painter, neither clashing with whatever gimp version is installed by default on your system.
The only downside is that any custom brush or palette you use for one version will have to be copied in the other too of course.

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friday 08 february 2013, 04:54

Good to know.
Sometimes I get the Impression that Krita developers are more active than GIMP's

@Nicolas You could "sync" both Gimp brushes settings soft linking the folders you want to "sync" in Linux Also, with some precaution using "Junction links" in Windows

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5. Nathan Salapat

saturday 09 february 2013, 03:06

:D I had no idea about the Ctrl + Shift + V trick.
Or the ppa, I think I'm more excited about the pasting trick than the ppa :)

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6. Eukleyv

thursday 14 february 2013, 12:35

I have this weird bug on my Gimp.

I'm trying to edit the shortcuts and by simplimg erasing/editing the words on the search bar it freezes. I was hoping it was a bug from the previous version but reven with this update it still occurs.

Do you have any idea why it is?
thursday 14 february 2013, 18:27

@All thanks ! especially Nicolas & Ghevan for his answer to Santiago. Thanks!

@Eukleyv : I don't have any idea unfortunately, maybe you can find it here :

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8. santiago

friday 15 february 2013, 09:27

heheh sorry guys for late reply, I have to say :

1_ Nicolas: was right

2_ if you don't use --> --with-gimpdir=.gimp-painter as he said, the only problem will be the "sessionrc" file in your .gimp-2.8 on the /home, the problem is gimp painter wont start, but if you delete or back up the file it will generate a new one and then will start and run with no problems, I guess this happen because of the new layout in the painter fork, but you can share brush, tool, dynamic with no problem

so thank you all !!

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9. Arnis

thursday 02 may 2013, 17:36

Thank you for the heads up and the steps on how to do it. There should be more people around like you that help out the new open source adapters.
friday 03 may 2013, 13:45

@Arnis : Thanks!

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