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Konqui the friendly dragon , by Stefan Spatz , has been KDE's mascot for over ten years now. Being the mascot of one of the major desktop environment for Linux is a hard task, and after rapid search for image, you can see above Konqui have fans and has been around for a while.  ( Image credit:: topleft: Linux user .de  2002, topright: Planet KDE Portugal , bottom-left : Kubuntu user contribution wallpaper, bottom-right : the 'about' dialog of every actual KDEs with Konqui )

But the design of Konqui (or Konqi as named on Wikipedia )  need to be refreshed , so,  KDE forum admin Neverendingo is organizing a fun contest together with Krita community ! There two prizes: a DVD+Comics pack and the last original First Krita Sprint t-shirt! And of course undying fame!

The jury consists of Animtim, Nuno Pinheiro and myself.

So fire up Krita and get painting!

There are some ground rules::

  • Needs to be done in Krita
  • The artwork should be licensed under the LGPL V2+.
  • It should honor KDE's Code of Conduct, which means, for instance, that Konqui shouldn't be beating a garden gnome with a big hammer.
What is needed is a versatile portrait without background that is usable when preparing publicity for KDE and that inspires people. When you're done, go over to the Krita contests forum and add your submission: one topic per submission, but feel free to update your work with a followup post. The last one at the deadline counts.

The contest starts now and you have until January 31st, so you have the whole holiday season to paint!

Support: I'd love to have your support to continue to publish my work for free.
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link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Wow!! Funny beautiful.

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Really great.

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