link deburger   - Reply

Awsome! Very nice idea. :)

link Mufeed   - Reply

WoW... Beautiful...:D

link Grace   - Reply

génial ... elle a obtenu de beaux yeux =) =) =)

link artbottle   - Reply

Absolutely fantastic!!!
Especially the autumn hair and its change to winter is amazing. Magnifique!

link Dread Knight   - Reply

Great job, love it! :)

link sex toy   - Reply

Good idea, nice realisation ! :cool:

link Steven   - Reply

I love this , your work has inspired me greatly through the years. I could help but think of the new Tinkerbell movie when I seen this picture. Great Job.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for the nice comments

link jaforcon   - Reply

I just saw a mini-documentary about illustration, and this piece appears in the documentary:

I came here as soon as I saw the illustration, because I knew where it came from :)
I don't know if you knew about it.


link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@jaforcon : Hey many thanks ! it made my day to saw it featured in this well made documentary. I didn't knew it. The joy of Creative Commons :) For sure I'll repost it with proudness. =) ( btw, thanks to the author for the correct attribution, and he also use 'fantasy landscape' a second piece of mine a bit earlier in it too )

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Fantastic art!!

link Lirik   - Reply

Awesome, I Love It

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