Current workspace setup

A photo of my desk with three monitors; one on the desk is a pen display tablet (a Xppen Artist Pro 24) with customised shortcut written in white using nail polish. The tablet has a keyboard using a CinTweak keyboard holder. The keyboard is the classic flat from Dell. I have also a little bluetooth gamepad with key customised (by 8bitdo). On the foreground, a Blahaj shark plushies is wearing headphones. On the canvas, a study I made two weeks ago and on other monitors Mastodon in multi column 'deck' mode. Same, two weeks ago when I took this shot. The last monitor has Dolphin the file explorer of KDE Plasma Fedora, IRC, Clementine to listen musique. A terminal windows is around, I was updating the monitor calibration with argyllcms using command line interface

License: "Current workspace setup" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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