The Overturned Cauldron of Magic Potion

This is a remake of an old sketch. A black and white sketch of Pepper, then a very young witch, in a scene where she is disgusted and discouraged after knocking over a magic cauldron almost her own size. The scene takes place afterwards, at a time when she no doubt imagines having to clean up and start all over again. That particularly thankless moment after any such disaster... Carrot, curious by nature, looks at the viscous liquid spilled on the floor.

I did it to try out new pencil brush presets while drawing the upcoming episode.


link Carl Myrland   - Reply

Hey. I saw one of my students reading (one of?) your book(s?) in Norwegian the other day, and thought, hey, that's that Mastodon comic guy thingy! Kinda fun when the Fediverse and real life intertwine 😁

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link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@cmyrland That's so cool! 🤩 Thanks for sharing.

I might travel in September to a comic festival in Bergen to make a signing session. It's not 100% sure, but if it happens, I'll post about it. I can't wait to sign Pepar&Gulrot big books. 😊

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link Pilum   - Reply

@cmyrland Raptus? Oooh!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@pilum Yes, ; it's not sure at all, but there is a discussions going about they invite me as a last minute guest. So, I really hope it will be possible🤞


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link Pilum   - Reply

@cmyrland 🤞

link Carl Myrland   - Reply

Very cool. Bergen is sadly on the other side of the country for me, but I hope you'll be able to go.

It seems the Norwegian libraries have taken in this book, since the book was put up on display at our local public library. Hopefully you'll get many new readers across Norway!

link Muso Miozoto   - Reply The internet is leaking into the real world . lawl

link Arcticulate   - Reply

@cmyrland Jag såg bilden och trodde det var svenska. Men, sen såg jag att texten säger ”pepar” — inte ”peppar” 😅.

(Saw the picture and thought it was Swedish. But, then I noticed that the text said ”pepar” — not ”peppar”)

link Carl Myrland   - Reply

Boken er på nynorsk, faktisk! På bokmål ville den hett Pepper og Gulrot.

Vi trenger mye mer litteratur og tegneserier på nynorsk!

link Arne Babenhauserheide   - Reply


link curved-ruler   - Reply

i mean it is way big for her to handle, she should have some help

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@curved_ruler Heh,true! And thanks because reading your comment I finally can put my finger about why I liked this little sketch : I can relate to the 'too big to handle' and not managing very well. 😆

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link Craig Maloney ☕ Contributor - Pepper&Carrot admin, - Reply

Love this update to the sketch.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@craigmaloney Thank you! It's funny to compare with the first version and see how everything has changed, but it's still the same scene.

Previous version of the same drawing posted on the thread: a lot of differences, more stiff, less expressive and larger lines. 8 ★

link Linebyline   - Reply

Just like most times I see people post updated versions of old artwork, I love them both. The improvement in the new version is clear, but there's just something about Pepper's almost blank, slightly miffed expression in the older version that I just can't get enough of.

New version: "Why me? [exhausted noises]"

Old version: "Well, this may as well happen."

Great work, as always.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@linebyline Thanks! Very true and you really put good words on the differences of expressions.

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link Rodney Simba 🇿🇼 🇺🇸 :verified:   - Reply

freaking love this

link JaK   - Reply

your sketches are little masterpieces on their own :-) great work! Even if you’re a master with colors, a “just ink” comic from you would be a thing 👍

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@jak Thank you very much! My ability to draw has always been my main weakness; that's why I learnt to paint early on in the process, to colour as fast as I could and to paint over my artwork with endless fixation on the top... 😆

Recently I decided (once again: chronic) to spend more time on sketching. Something I found that helps me is to put small areas of black on completely occluded areas or where objects are very close together. Light source, yay. :blobaww:

link Stemy   - Reply

Elle devait être déjà bien costaude pour renverser un chaudron aussi grand par rapport à elle.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@stemy Oui, j'ai imaginé qu'elle l'a poussé sur le sol et que c'est la petite marche qui a fait basculer le truc. Mais c'est vrai que ça pose suggère qu'elle l'a pris dans les bras. Je devrai plus faire attention à la physique, ça c'est certain .😅 J'ai un petit chaudron ici de la taille d'un balon de foot, et qu'est ce que c'est lourd en fonte... J'imagine maintenant qu'une taille comme celle du dessin doit faire plusieurs centaines de kilos.
Merci pour le retour !

link Meowcate   - Reply

C'est toujours la même histoire.

🖼️ original 

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@themeowcate 😍 😍 😍 I love this scene of The Office with Kevin. Each time I explode laughter. It's so cruel, and the actor really acted to the perfection with the proudness and over confidence at first, then the despair on the ground with the movement attempting to fix the situation even if it is already too late. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing it.

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link Fea Crow   - Reply

that is so cute, especially the cat. Awesome work 🙂

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