Deleting Twitter and Reddit account

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Last April, I left my Twitter account, but without deleting it, to keep more than 10 years of posts for archiving (tutorials, brushes, threads, etc...). I also wanted to occupy the namespace to avoid seeing an account doing impersonation. Then I uninstalled the app, stopped reading my TL, and put all this in the background...

But when a friend told me yesterday that it was a good thing I had left Twitter early, I felt bad that I still had that dormant account.

I deleted it as soon as I got home.😺

And then today, someone reminded me in the comments about my Reddit account. I deleted it as well.

If you meet me on Reddit or X, you can be sure it is impersonation now.
In this case, please report.

(Ps: I'm not posting this by the way to try to snowball anything, or influence anyone. It's just a report of my personal cleaning.)


link David Chartier   - Reply

You’re doing the good work.

link Fiamoa McBenson / Ben Touati   - Reply

Yeah, félicitations!

link Jo[N]athanMM   - Reply

Tu peux demander une archive complète à twitter si tu veux garder tout ce que tu as écrit ;)

link LonM   - Reply

As far as archiving, as long as _you_ downloaded a copy of your data before deactivating, you can always re-upload anything important later.
My twitter data archive didn't have anything interesting, but all the media is present and the tweets were well formatted in JSON.

link Masanori Ogino 𓀁   - Reply

You can self-host your tweet archive with tweetback or such if you want, btw.

2 ★

link Cabbidges   - Reply

Not everything has to be a culture war. I know this is an unpopular opinion. Twitter looks like a wreck to me too, but my loyalty is to my days, not whether I feel bad to keep up with a few old friends I made there.

If you have a great following this fine distinction might be hard to make, but worth a think about if it's just running after some purity issue. I'm hardly there now, but I do still go and say hello now and again, it's not hard.

link Raghukamath Krita team, - Reply

I was about to the same yesterday but kept it for the name. I think it is time for nuking it. I had taken the archive long time back

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@raghukamath I took an archive in November 2022, 359MB. For personal archiving, it's really ok.

I should check it, I just did to see if I still had it, and found a meme I did with Noutty (my cat) when he was still a kitten.

I probably need to save only this fun part. I'll grep all jpg in this directory and see what I can find.

screenshot of the files inside the 'Twitter' archive with personal data. A HTML file allows to browse twitts, profile, etc... 3 ★

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@raghukamath The post in the screenshot "I wrote a little review of the Gnome calibrator on G+" 😆 Really, it comes from another era.

3 ★

link Raghukamath Krita team, - Reply

Aah the goold old g+ I remember having fun chat with krita artists community on it. I think @Quiralta was on it too.

As for the social networking I am fossil from the orkut days :)

link Raghukamath Krita team, - Reply

you shared your screenshot of deactivation. here is mine :)

🖼️ original 

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@raghukamath :blobcheerbounce: :blobcheerbounce: :blobcheerbounce:

link F4GRX Sébastien   - Reply

@raghukamath be careful, the archive still contains twitter shortened links and does not includes high resolution images. You can get those with a python tool.

link raspbeguy   - Reply

so how about the username that isn't protected anymore?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@raspbeguy I'll see. I'll probably should repost this toot on my blog so it is easier to refer in case someone pretends to be me on X.

(je porterai plainte contre X! 🥁 Tss! 🤣 )

2 ★

link F4GRX Sébastien   - Reply

how long before someone impersonates you? Thats why I still keep mine.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@f4grx Good question. I'll see if it happens what I can do about it. My disgust about still being somewhere on X was stronger than thinking about this, this time.

4 ★

link F4GRX Sébastien   - Reply

I understand that. I am close to deleting it too.

link Eskuero   - Reply

I was considering doing this to my reddit account.

I feel at home on Lemmy now and leaving lots of content I contributed there doesn't hurt the platform.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@eskuero Good reminder about Reddit.

Take your time with your account, only do the deletion if you feel you'll have no regrets about it. And not because of pressure of a group. Just for personal cleaning, as cleaning desk, a disk, etc...

I still have mine. But it is also in quarantine for a very long time.

And bang, summer cleaning continues! I remember being proud of the 1.6K karma thing at one point. I'm so easy to buy with gamification and points like that. 🤦


Screenshot of deactivation of my Reddit account (Karma 1.6K! at one point I was proud of it ). Sentence left in the "Help improve Reddit" : "If you're working at Reddit and getting paid to read this, I hope you have a nice day. I know a lot of people probably write mean things here. That's not OK. And you having to read and reply to them is also not OK. Take care of yourself. " 98 ★

link Riedler, fedi maid   - Reply

same here. I left this january, because it was eating my free time like candy back then, and deleted my account a few weeks ago, over the whole closed API thing. I think I had around 40k karma when I left, which is both impressive and shameful for me.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@riedler Let's just remember the "Impressive" part of it, because it is. 😉 👍

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@eskuero As long as the danmei novel subreddit is so full of good reccs I'll keep it no matter what lol. That's such a fun sub. :D

I didn't delete tw either and won't, lots of fandom stuff and fanart stuff still only there. I just use mastodon in addition to it XD Works fine , and I have everything :)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@UkeBLCatboy @eskuero That's a very good strategy and very valid if you find personal balance in it and happiness.

Something that really helped me here; I found a group of Japanese digital painter I liked on Tw (and were a strong reason why I kept my TL too) doing cross post on the Fedi via instance. I don't understand their toots, but I like watching their fresh art.

All in all, I hope my toots about deletion are not read as if I put pressure on adopting any type of behavior.

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@eskuero Oh I get you. It's so buggy, once *EVERYONE* is of X, I will def jump too. But for now, all the anime conventions are only there, 99% of the cosplayers, artists, etc too.

Mastodon is *definitely* becoming more livelier, and I actually spend more time here now, but fact is that 95% of planet Earth is still there. XD

(And also not on threads/bluesky. Which are of course basically the same thing as here - same protocol/compatible and also federated)...

link Brian   - Reply

@UkeBLCatboy @eskuero Just a small correction, but threads/bluesky are conceptually quite different from here (especially threads, considering it's from Meta). About the protocol, Bluesky uses another one and threads just has planned support for ActivityPub (the one mastodon uses). But more importantly, they are for profit organizations.

Edit: I'm curious now about these Japanese digital painters hehe Can you share which profiles you follow, David? :)

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@brianch @eskuero Yeah, I mean they work the same way for the end user. Federates, decentralized, etc.

So for 99% of people - the people we were talking about - "same" XD

Including me tbh. As I said, I just go where fandom is and people are. Which now is also here, and I like it, so yet another account it is.

But especially once threads and mastodon are integrated (which they <WILL> be, since AFAIK EU law will MANDATE interoperability soon, and mastodon GmbH is in EU), to 99% of

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@brianch @eskuero people, it will be the same. Especially since I figure threads,, or whatever 904389043328 instances people make on threads as on mastodon (all using the same protocol as you say so interoperable) will just be another instance to join. People will be able to follow people and see one TL anyway.

So, for 99% of people, it will be "new twitter". Nobody cares how the app works - they follow cosplayer and talk about weeb shit. XD

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@brianch @eskuero if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, and works with other ducks, it's a duck.

I know the minutia - I have a comp sci degree - but I meant that for so to say "normal" people, it will all be the same. Like those Japanese artists they mentioned, 99% certainly. They just gonna... art. And share it with people. On the internet. On literally whatever app(s) everyone ends up using, and without caring.

(same for me tbh. Which is why I am on everything).

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@brianch @eskuero Personally, I am happy with that EU law that will make interoperability mandatory <soon>. less apps/TL's to click/open/go through to talk with everyone, and makes it easier to keep track/organise! :D

link David Revoy Author, - Reply


💜 List of cool Fedi artists:

@UkeBLCatboy @eskuero

4 ★

link UkeBLCatboy   - Reply

@brianch @ysd @senoaxxnoa @haikeibu @hatoneayumu @cyasha @Qooo003

(Original message has been truncated: read the complete original message here.)

link Brian   - Reply

Ohh, thanks a lot!!

@ysd @senoaxxnoa @haikeibu @hatoneayumu @cyasha @Qooo003 @UkeBLCatboy

(Original message has been truncated: read the complete original message here.)

link Kevin Granade   - Reply

@eskuero thanks for the measured take on this. I've stopped posting there, but I haven't gotten around to archiving and scrambling my posts because I have an extremely bad case of LIFE right now.

link lavender   - Reply


link 𝕵𝖔𝖍𝖆𝖓 ⛧   - Reply

Request all personal data archive first!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@johan Thanks for the advice, I did!

link Zoidberg For President   - Reply

Can't delete any of my two locked accounts...

link David   - Reply

if you're interested in re-hosting your archive for yourself, posterity, or whatever, I recommend this tool by @darius

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@astrovore @darius Thank you for the tool, bookmarked!

link Alyssa Voronin   - Reply

I suppose the X branding stands for all those eX-twitter users.

link Jan Helebrant   - Reply

nice to meet you again here. Pepper and Carrot is a matter of my heart - I love cats and also fantasy. My favorite episode is the one with summoning dark entities / demons just to attend that birthday / tea party. 😜

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@juhele Thank you 🙂

link John Colagioia   - Reply

Dumping these services is a good choice. Personally, I keep mine on the off-chance that someone from my past tries to contact me there, but also because it feels like poking in my nose once a month to see that I have no notifications and leaving feels more costly to them than freeing up space.

But "my" Twitter is noow 99.99% the backup that I posted to my website...

link Neonriser   - Reply

As a second-hand witness to Twitter’s downfall due to the despotic rulership of someone who isn’t smart enough to actually understand how technology works, I understand not deleting the account due to impersonation concerns. But I also understand deleting it: I don’t think anyone would pretend to be someone else if there is no people left to fool.

link 🌸Azure🌸🐧   - Reply

Honestly, I thought about doing the same...

It's so bad right now and I'm not missing much except keeping contact with some people other than that, it's just not that good.

I'm enjoying Mastodon and sites like Misskey, and Krita forums are pretty cool as well! So glad there are other sites to post art and such to! :^D

link Soso   - Reply

Have you requested an archive so that you could re-upload your posts on your own website at some point? Like for example.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@sgued Hey, Yes, I have an archive. Thanks for the example! I'm still checking my archive to see if it really worth maintaining a subdir in my website with all the old Twits.

link rocky_mount   - Reply

I suppose I'm one of the lucky few who never had a Twitter account. Even before Elon Musk purchased the company, I felt like I had no reason to use Twitter. I also avoid "free" services that use data mining and other practices to put my habits and life up for sale. I felt left out when I left Facebook the first time, but I never looked back after leaving for the second time.

link Klebs (Les Ateliers PHV)   - Reply

Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Félicitations David!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@lesateliersphv Merci !

link rwdmiha   - Reply

Both of my restricted accounts are impossible to delete.

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