Deleting Twitter and Reddit account

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Last April, I left my Twitter account, but without deleting it, to keep more than 10 years of posts for archiving (tutorials, brushes, threads, etc...). I also wanted to occupy the namespace to avoid seeing an account doing impersonation. Then I uninstalled the app, stopped reading my TL, and put all this in the background...

But when a friend told me yesterday that it was a good thing I had left Twitter early, I felt bad that I still had that dormant account.

I deleted it as soon as I got home.😺

And then today, someone reminded me in the comments about my Reddit account. I deleted it as well.

If you meet me on Reddit or X, you can be sure it is impersonation now.
In this case, please report.

(Ps: I'm not posting this by the way to try to snowball anything, or influence anyone. It's just a report of my personal cleaning.)