License: "Fighting for the open web." by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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Here is the painting process of the illustration I posted today. Painted and created with the built-in Krita recorder.

Source file and high resolution wallpaper:: (3840x2047px, license: CC-BY 4.0)

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link Magnus, Robot Fighter   - Reply

This is great!

link DreitonLullaby   - Reply

@grindcrank Hi, I'm brand new to Mastodon. Is the boost button like an upvote/like/heart from other social media sites.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@DreitonLullaby Hey, welcome here.

The boost button does 'reshare' the post to your followers.

The star is to like/fav something.


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link DreitonLullaby   - Reply

Ah, thanks very much. I was a bit confused. I saw the star and immediately thought it was the upvote button, and thought the boost button looks like a share button. But than when I saw it was for 'boosting', I figured that an upvote is usually meant for boosting and that that's what the boost button was the equivalent of.

And Hey, I love your artworks and your artstyle so much! So you're now the first profile I've followed! You appeared up the top of the trending list for me.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@DreitonLullaby awww. Thanks!

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link Magnus, Robot Fighter   - Reply

@DreitonLullaby Only an info for the author, but no upvote. Timeline here is linear.

link Lutfulmanan Khan   - Reply

What is an Open web? Darknet?

link Grum999 :verified:   - Reply

@lutfulmanan it's not Google Chrome Edge...

I've many things at the office that only works with Edge 😅

link interne Jacabo   - Reply

@grum999 @lutfulmanan most often, those services actually work with Firefox, but will pretend not to when detecting it's user agent.

This is not malevolent, just the Devs avoiding supporting multiple platforms to ease their work

Using an extension on Firefox to spoof this user agent, such as may in some case make those apps work.

link Grum999 :verified:   - Reply

@jacabo @lutfulmanan Yes but I don't want to spoof the user agent

also, at the office I can't, everything is locked, practically impossible to modify any settings on laptop without being an administrator 😢

link Jerry   - Reply

@grum999 @lutfulmanan Feeling sorry for you... You should upgrade your programs rather than degrading them

link lebout2canap ⏚   - Reply

@lutfulmanan Simply a web on which you can browse with the software you want from the OS you want, which has become unacceptable for Alphabet/Google.

link Roni Äikäs ⚛️   - Reply

@lutfulmanan Internet, where one massive company doesn't get to choose who can use the it.

link Jerry   - Reply

@raikas @lutfulmanan That would disqualify #CloudFlare as the do #censor the internet an block access to a lot of domains if you are just a little bit into #privacy

link Piko Starsider :verified_paw:   - Reply

@lutfulmanan A web where the users are in control and are not forced to watch ads and to give up private data.

link clacke: inhibited exhausted pixie dream boy 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛   - Reply

@lutfulmanan The Open Web is the Web we still have for now.

Someone saw those embarrassing "Best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer" GIFs and thought that not only was it a great idea, it didn't even go far enough, as it didn't actively block other browsers.

That's "Web Environment Integrity".

link digitalRightsNinja   - Reply

In light of Cloudflare and other walled-gardens, CAPTCHAs, etc, I cannot see how anyone can say we have an “open web”.
/cc @hambach18

link Tzafrir   - Reply

Here is an open web and a closed web:

link Efi (nap pet) 🦊💤   - Reply


link PGtheVRguy🦊🎮 :gamemaker:   - Reply

@efi I thought the same too, still amazing art!

link Efi (nap pet) 🦊💤   - Reply

@PGtheVRguy still? it's a plus!

link Takiro 🎨   - Reply


Also Okami final boss.

link Baessito :Ryyca:☭🇧🇷🇺🇳🇵🇸   - Reply

amazing art!!

link Omni   - Reply

the scale is somewhat accurate. The user base of FIrefox is unfortunately small and declining 8(

link Andrew Graves :arch: :linux:   - Reply

Amazing artwork!

Is there a 4K version of this picture? This looks like wallpaper material! :)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@graves501 Thanks, yes! 3840x2047px , Check the links at the bottom of

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link Andrew Graves :arch: :linux:   - Reply

Thank you so much! :)

link Poslovitch   - Reply

Thank you! Making this my desktop wallpaper as well, it's stunning!

link Poslovitch   - Reply

@graves501 Okay, errm... I don't know if that was a good idea actually.
I like it, I like it a lot.
But I'm not sure to like it enough for a big, menacing, ominous Chrome-looking eyeball to jump scare the hell out of me every time I boot up my PC. 😅

link obi0bi   - Reply

@graves501 yes! TY for this, already set as my wallpaper, I do have a quick question, would it be ok if one was to make videos about Linux/how to's and the wallpaper showed up in the video?

link Matt   - Reply

@obi0bi @graves501 This piece of art by David is licenced under CC-BY 4.0 - you can use it however you want, however you must credit the author of the work.

See this for the licence details:

See the original page to see that it's licenced under CC-BY 4.0:

link obi0bi   - Reply

@mattswift @graves501 thanks, I'm lacking in the common sense department but on the plus side, I got a whole website to check out too 💙️

link Untitled_Pribor   - Reply

@obi0bi @davidrevoy according to the license on the image, it's completely ok for you to do that, you just have to mention that the wallpaper was made by him and link to it. It's probably fine to put the link in the description.

link Starbeamrainbowlabs   - Reply

@obi0bi @graves501 it's creative commons attribution, so yes so long as you attribute/cite the source clearly.

link pepper1700   - Reply

This is now the background of the lock screen of my Google Pixel tablet, I wanted to use it as the wallpaper but it is unfortunately too blue for that. Might do it on my Linux desktop even thought it lack the irony of the Pixel. 🎂

link dyen49k   - Reply

@davidrevoy this is amazing 😻

link Jo :v_enby: :blobhaj_default: :neocat: :neobun:   - Reply

okay wow :blobcateyes:

link Nick   - Reply

looks like the fox from that video game Tunic.

link Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :ablobfoxbongohyper:‮‮‮‮‮   - Reply the uBlock origin also ​:ablobfoxbongohyper:​

link 🌈 Dana   - Reply

That's amazing!

link Echedelle ⚧   - Reply

Unsure if I would put exactly a Firefox reference or better Carrot with moon powers from a Pale Moon :^3

link Fabulous Fab's   - Reply

Absolument magnifique! Bravo David!

Absolutely amazing! Congrat's David !
#MastoArt #krita

link Remnant_Segment   - Reply

Great work!

link Azlux   - Reply Trop bien ! 😺

link Catriona Roberts   - Reply

Wonderful work!!!

link vinz   - Reply

Oh, that is wonderful!

link Pascal Leinert 🌹🌻🗽   - Reply

Reminds me of this, and that is exactly how it feels like.

🖼️ original 

link olinasc   - Reply

I'd definitely would read or watch this series... cheering for the underdog naturally

link Trash Panda   - Reply Did google pay for the sword?

link Luna :progresspride:   - Reply

That looks really good!

link Piko Starsider :verified_paw:   - Reply

Stunning. Go, little fox, go!!

link Saverio Brancaccio   - Reply

Luckily, a growing number of people is becoming conscious for an open web... I know a few (French and Italian) sites offering open services:


link EaterOfSnacks   - Reply

@saveriobran I didn't know about the Italian ones, thanks! A lot of the French services can be found here, if anyone's interested:

link Sir RaptaG :verified:   - Reply

I love the detail of the uBO shield held by little Firefox

#ublock #uBlockOrigin

link Ⓐ🏳️‍🌈 Solar Song :ablobdj:   - Reply

I love your art!

link Tesla ⚡ ☢️ 🇺🇦   - Reply

ah oui le voyageur dans Destiny 2

link Chris A Moody   - Reply

that's an awesome pic

link Fluffy Farmer Narf   - Reply

This is just, wow. Lovely work 💛

link obi0bi   - Reply

i love the artwork and the message

link Cragsand :verified_coffee:   - Reply

Beautiful! Wow

link Defaced5960   - Reply

This is so true! Firefox has been my go-to for web browsers for probably over a decade. I hope they keep on fighting for all of us. #firefoxforever #firefox

link Delta Wye   - Reply

We’re fighting it together, side by side! Not just for us but for the next generations!

link Adrian   - Reply


link ludwig   - Reply

please make more art with open source content :D

Even though FOSS is far ahead in ethical values, people need an aesthetic narrative to switch.

Unfortunately it's hard to excite people with pure facts.

link   - Reply Amazing artist, and walking the walk.

You are an actual inspiration in a sea of the opposite. Keep it up!

link DuckyVanDuckduck   - Reply

This is so beautyful, and the Firefox is soo cute 😍

link Prayag   - Reply

Gorgeous work.... And I also love that it's made with Krita!! 🎨💕

link FatehveeronMastodon   - Reply

I don't like Chrome. It's made by Google due to the fact that Google is ads.

link Jovian -*- Eepy Arc   - Reply

firefox makes me think of the cute fox in tunic. Great art!

link digitalfox   - Reply

This sums up my feelings on the matter… I don't like everything Mozilla does, but my quibbles with them are far outweighed by my deep distrust of Google, and it does feel like a long, drawn out battle.

The circumstances for making this piece of art are unfortunate, but your end result is very pretty.

link Softwarewolf   - Reply

Reminds me of the little fox from Tunic. :blobfoxheart:

link 𐑝𐑧𐑜𐑭 𐑓𐑘𐑹𐑛 ✡️🇵🇸   - Reply

Make the web lighter✊

link nunux   - Reply

Une oeuvre qui représente tellement de choses en ces moments troubles, applicable au meilleur face aux pires, théologiquement, philosophiquement, humainement parlant de vérités et de libertés.

Je sais: j'en fais trop; mais la liberté peut au moins se targuée d'être illustrée avec bonté et beauté de façon admirable sous votre plume. en cœur...encore et en chœurs...

link nunux   - Reply

...en corps et en cœurs...encore et en chœurs...

link Iza Marfisi   - Reply

This is fantastic work! 👀 Very inspiring 😍
We are lucky to have you in the #Fediverse.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply


link Iza Marfisi   - Reply

can I use your art in the last chapter of my habilitation thesis to direct research? How should I cite it properly?
Thank you.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@imarfisi Hey, sure! You can copy the line under my artwork here: , it contains the title, my name and the license.

link Iza Marfisi   - Reply

excellent. Thank you!

link   - Reply

A laudable fight!
The conversation is becoming global so is increasingly a target for those who would control that interaction.

link Ruben Capiau   - Reply

That is ... beautiful 🤩. Keep up the good work!

link cumberboi   - Reply

this is so awesome omg

link Ethan Black   - Reply

I was thinking this was a Majora's Mask reference 😄

link Iok   - Reply

une autre magnifique oeuvre mon gars

link Saufian   - Reply

Hop, new wallpaper obtained !

Amazing art :kirby_happy:

link Dan Oachs   - Reply

Pretty sure I can hear this image, and chrome has a very scary sound to it.

link YoYunix   - Reply

all we can hope for now is that their new ad standard doesn’t catch on… or that someone finds a workaround 🙃

link Orca 🌻 | 🎀 | 🪁 | 🏴🏳️‍⚧️   - Reply "Big Chrome is watching you"

link Kyle Blaine   - Reply

Your work and philosophy has always been an inspiration to me.
This piece is striking in depicting our struggle for the Net in way that's so relevant but keeps your trademark sense of fantasy and wonder.

I hope one day I can make work like this, that makes people feel and go "Wow", without being a preachy political cartoon.

Art like this can change the course of history. <3
We are small, but mighty. . .brb let's all uninstall Chrome together. 😁

link hive ⬡   - Reply

what a cool way to illustrate that

link sımon   - Reply

That tiny shield!

link :twiz:   - Reply

You seriously consistently make the coolest stuff. Can we please be friends.

link Yurec   - Reply

Wow! So amazing! 🤩

link Kevin Karhan :verified:   - Reply

using @mozilla #Firefox and espechally @torproject #TorBrowser is an act of #Digital #SelfDefense today...

link Jerry   - Reply

Very nice, once again you bring a smile and a silent laughter

link Jerry   - Reply

Hey David, could I have your permission to use this image in My Privacy DNS's FireFox add-ons README (The repo adddress for same


link Aral Balkan   - Reply

Love your work, David. And it’s definitely not your fault that we live in the worst possible timeline but what’s missing in that image is the hand from Google giving Mozilla half a billion dollars.

(Mozilla exists on roughly half a billion dollars from Google every year. Sadly, they’re not so much adversaries as partners.)

link Henkka Laukka   - Reply

@aral What does this partnership entail? Is FF doing something beneficial for Google to get their money?

link Tim @toolbear#🌶️@ Taylor 🌻🇺🇦🇵🇸✊   - Reply

@laukanhenkka @aral

Well, a huge benefit Google gets from keeping FF afloat is that Google gets to make the disingenous claim that they aren't a monopolist, which politicians and regulators get to use as a deflection when criticized for failing to regulate them.

link Henkka Laukka   - Reply

@toolbear And how does this make FF the bad guys or partners in crime? I mean, wouldn't it be even worse if they weren't around?

Sounds to me like the bad guys are google, politicians and regulators in that example.


link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@laukanhenkka What would you think if Greenpeace only existed because they took half a billion dollars from ExxonMobil every year?

If you’d be OK with that too, I have nothing more I can say.


link Henkka Laukka   - Reply

@aral That would be bad for sure, but Google isn't the ExxonMobil equivalent though so it doesn't really work as a comparison. Maybe if ExxonMobil funded Neste (a finnish petrol company) in that comparison it would work.


link Tim @toolbear#🌶️@ Taylor 🌻🇺🇦🇵🇸✊   - Reply

@laukanhenkka @aral
> Google isn't the ExxonMobil equivalent

You are unserious. Bye 👋

link Henkka Laukka   - Reply

@toolbear What 🤔 I'm just trying to understand you guys and learn about things. No need to get passive aggressive about it.

Kind of a shitty response to be honest.


link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@laukanhenkka @toolbear OK, there’s not much more I can say if you don’t feel that’s a valid comparison.

If you’d like to learn more about why I feel that it is a valid comparison, here are some talks you can watch: and an article you can read:

link Henkka Laukka   - Reply

@aral Thanks, I'll give it a read/watch.


link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@laukanhenkka @toolbear (Any of the ones except the first and last in that list should do.) :)

link Anthony   - Reply

"Data is the new oil"

link digitalRightsNinja   - Reply

FYI #Google is partnered with #Totaal oil company and uses AI to help Totaal determine where to drill. So @aral’s analogy would be slightly more spot-on with Total Oil. IIRC, #ExxonMobil is partnered with #Microsoft in the same way.

I should also mention that Mozilla gets ~87% of its funding from Google, fwiw.. might be easier to absorb than the raw figures.

I can’t view video ATM so if the talks already covered any of that, sorry for the redundancy.

(Original message has been truncated: read the complete original message here.)

link immibis   - Reply

@aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear If Adolf Hitler offers you a billion dollars, do you take it?

Of course you do. Because then Adolf Hitler is a billion dollars poorer, and that's good for everyone.

link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@immibis @laukanhenkka @toolbear Nah, fam, you just became a Nazi.

link immibis   - Reply

@aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear do you want Hitler to lose a billion dollars or not? I assume that you have no qualms about someone breaking into Hitler's vault, or hacking his bank account, and taking a billion dollars.

link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@immibis @laukanhenkka @toolbear Stealing from is not the same as being paid by. You can see that, right?

(If the folks at Mozilla were stealing Google’s money, I’d be fine with it. Google and the police, probably not so much.)

link immibis   - Reply

@aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear in both cases the bad guy has less money and a better guy has more.

However, getting paid usually comes with some strings attached, and that's where the problem is.

Still, if Hitler would give me a billion dollars in exchange for writing "Jews must die" in giant letters on my fence, I think that would be a good tradeoff. That's basically what Mozilla has to do for Google: metaphorically write "Use Google to search" on the front of its building. Hitler being poorer does much more good for the world than a sign does bad. I might be obligated to donate the whole billion to an anti-Nazi charity.

link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@immibis @laukanhenkka @toolbear Wow, man, I’m sorry but no. Just no. If that’s a trade you’re willing to make, we have nothing in common. And I’m blocking you now.

link immibis   - Reply

@aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear have it your way. Defederated

link digitalRightsNinja   - Reply

@immibis There’s an article out in the wild called “the power of defaults” which I suggest you read. Google and DDG both bribe browser makers to make their search service the default & Google obviously has deeper pockets for that. @aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear

link immibis   - Reply

@digitalRightsNinja @aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear and I'd rather have Firefox with a default Google search engine, than no Firefox.

link shrimp eating mammal 🦐   - Reply

@immibis @aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear Is this real? Someone who "gives you 1 billion dollars" doesn't have a truck full of cash that they roll up to your door and deliver to you. Do you even understand how the world works?

link immibis   - Reply

@walruslifestyle @aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear Is this real? Do you even understand how hypothetical situations work?

link shrimp eating mammal 🦐   - Reply

@immibis @aral @laukanhenkka @toolbear yes, I do. A hypothetical situation is one that is like reality, but different in an important way, and that difference often exposes important factors of the original situation.

Your example is a children's story, not a hypothetical situation. Supposing that someone "loses" a billion dollars when they contribute it to someone else is not grounded in how the real world works in any way. That's not a hypothetical, and it offers no insight into how the world works.

People with that much money don't roll a cart up to someone, give them the money, and walk away. That much money is tied up in assets and influence. That much money is usually transferred by creating an organized group of people to tend to the money, and through which its influence is controlled. That much money is game-changing. That much money is existential for most recipients, and they know that, and they adapt accordingly.

(Original message has been truncated: read the complete original message here.)

link immibis   - Reply

@walruslifestyle you know what, this is your first contribution to the thread and it's completely stupid, so you can get blocked too.

link shrimp eating mammal 🦐   - Reply

@immibis lol

link Tim @toolbear#🌶️@ Taylor 🌻🇺🇦🇵🇸✊   - Reply

@laukanhenkka @aral

I'm prone to Manichean thinking as well, but that isn't useful here. I won't be addressing the morality framing.

> I mean, wouldn't it be even worse if they weren't around?

Not necessarily. FF is using up the "browser for the people" mindshare — even in this conversation right now. If they didn't exist, maybe a browser making developer co-op would instead. Probably not, but FF doesn't exist in a vacuum. Even if they aren't useful idiots for Google or effectively bought, they using up resources for what could be a more democratic alternative. They aren't employee owned. They don't have a union.

An alternative company might not have dumped millions into AI snakeoil like FF just did.

FF corp isn't our friend. Isn't on our side. Isn't accountable to us.

Also, fuck their shielding of homophobe Brendan Eich. Not like that shit was a secret before he was ousted.

link Henkka Laukka   - Reply

@toolbear Ok, so there are a lot of things that I just don't know about their practices. I need to read up and learn a bit more it seems.


link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@toolbear Yep.

And if Google is seen as having too much vested interest in lobbying for a certain subject regarding regulation, Mozilla can step in as the acceptable face of Silicon Valley.

As their head of public policy once told me while asking me to go easier on them: “We’re just another Silicon Valley tech company, I don’t know why you’re holding us to such a higher standard.”


link OliverUv   - Reply

@laukanhenkka @aral they set Google to be the default search engine in FF

link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@laukanhenkka Google is a publicly-traded corporation with a fiduciary duty to its shareholders.

They cannot just give some organisation half a billion dollars unless they can make the case that they’re getting more than half a billion dollars of value back from their investment.

Most visibly, Mozilla makes Google its default search engine on Firefox.

More than that, Mozilla gets to exist thanks to Google. No half a billion a year from Google, no Mozilla, no Firefox.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@aral Thanks!

Yes, I knew that. Thank you for writing this, it is useful information.

It's hard to show all the subtle interactions and I had to sit on my own issues with Moz/Ff - e.g. all their failed non-sense side projects or recently their AI discourse to seduce investors.

It's a limitation of my illustration that I kept it as simple as possible to be more efficient with the message: if we all used Firefox with UblockOrigin, the toxic adv industry wouldn't be such a monster.

14 ★

link Aral Balkan   - Reply

I hear you and empathise :)

> if we all used Firefox with UblockOrigin, the toxic adv industry wouldn't be such a monster

If we all used Firefox with UblockOrigin, Google would go bankrupt. When Google goes bankrupt, Mozilla would lose the half a billion dollars it needs from Google to survive so Mozilla would also go bankrupt. So the only way Mozilla and Firefox can continue to exist is if we don’t all use Firefox with UblockOrigin. That’s the gambit.

link immibis   - Reply

@aral Mozilla doesn't need to survive for Firefox to survive and be useful. There are already many forks of Firefox by people who think Mozilla already shouldn't have survived.

link Aral Balkan   - Reply

@immibis And how many of those forks would be able to maintain their codebase if Mozilla went away tomorrow?

I’d optimistically put the number at zero.

But don’t worry, Google isn’t going anywhere so neither is Mozilla.

link immibis   - Reply

@aral OSS, uh, finds a way

link OliverUv   - Reply

@aral @immibis

Without google or other ad-funded behemoths, web standard churn would be significantly reduced (and probably redirected to features people actually want).

Non-moz Firefox could keep up. It would be a slower pace than today, but it would be in a better direction.

link digitalRightsNinja   - Reply

@aral @immibis Those forks often nix Google as a default search engine, but the problem is the forks are far less popular so the masses do not escape the power of defaults. Also note the reason people favor the official version is to get fast security updates. Some of the forks have been shown to take weeks to apply a patch.

link Jerry   - Reply

For a thread about #foss vs #gacemafia #bigtech there is a lot of tracking going on from third party linking…

Just while typing this, #uBlockOrigin show additional 3 attempt of #tracking

Try to think of this.. (MarkDown Table)

+8/favicon.ico$image,3p,|||||||||||||||||||||–infosec.place3getimage$image,3p,|||||||||||||||||||||–(Original message has been truncated: read the complete original message here.)

link Zorume   - Reply

woah this is magnificient ! I love the idea and how you brought it to life. Truly beautiful 💙

link Zlendy   - Reply

This drawing is amazing!
By the way, is the (fire)fox inspired by TUNIC?

link Codrus 🇺🇲   - Reply


link Starbeamrainbowlabs   - Reply

This is an amazing piece of artwork. Firefox in many ways feels like the last bastion before total chrome domination (ref browser engines), and that's such a scary thought.

Google has far too much power now in setting web standards.

Edit: typo

link Gidja   - Reply


link fanf42   - Reply

this a marvel of hope. And despair.

Thank you, beautiful

link TheFuzzyFloof   - Reply

Amazing illustration! Nobody in my real life ever understands why Google's or Meta's internet monopolization is a problem, not even the ones familiar with tech at large.

link Ondine B.   - Reply

I love this image! ❤️

link ~/hyde   - Reply

this one is really great ... I mean all of your work is great, but I love that one !

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@hyde 😊 Thank you!

link raymoo the HomoGaymoo   - Reply

absolute banger

link Jerry Mouse   - Reply

So good, so good, I love it and it have become the background image on

link Nizar Kerkeni 🇹🇳 نزار القرقني   - Reply

Against the #DeathStar

link teamtuck   - Reply

This is AMAZING!!!

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