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I am very pleased to have a new print publication from Pepper&Carrot to show you today. It's the Norwegian Nynorsk version from the publisher Outland Forlag.

This book is the result of a long collaboration between the publisher and the historical translators and maintainers of Pepper&Carrot's Norwegian Nynorsk translation on the website; Arild Torvund Olsen and Karl Ove Hufthammer.

The book is thick, in a large format (21.5cm x 30.3cm, 2cm thick / ~8.4inch x ~11.9inch, for ~0.78inch thick ). It contains episodes 1 to 29, a good 240 pages!

The cover is a reproduction of the illustration made for the English artbook. The same was done by GameTale for the Bulgarian edition.

Comparison with other books using the same illustration for the cover. (click to enlarge)

The print quality is first class: a finesse I've rarely seen, and which looks great on the publisher's slightly glossy paper. The gradients are precise and details stand out very well.

Each chapter starts with a full page introduction, and the printing quality is impressive. (click to enlarge)

The colours are a little more amber than in Glénat's French version or DriveThruComics' English edition, which isn't annoying. It's barely noticeable unless you have a comparison in front of you. In short, this is one of Pepper&Carrot's best and highest quality prints.

A comparison of colors on a panel of episode 13. (click to enlarge)

In terms of transparency, Outland Forlag is a sponsor of mine, with a set amount of money for each edition of a new book. We have signed a contract together, the main point of which is that the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 will be the contract of exchange.

I also had a look at the PDF before it went to print, and the information, the attribution and the credits are super accurate and clean. I also received copies, the ones pictured here.

The full credits, Arild and Karl are written in big on a page before this one. (click to enlarge)

So this is an exemplary re-publication, and one that I would highly recommend to all readers of Norwegian Nynorsk.

You can buy it here:

Thanks again to Arild Torvund Olsen and Karl Ove Hufthammer for their contribution for the translation (you can read it ), and to Outland Forlag for making this book real.

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