Signing-Session and Exhibition at "Bulle à Croquer" festival, Saint-Brieuc

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I'll do signing sessions for my comic books during the festival "Bulles à Croquer" of Saint-Brieuc on the 8 and 9 July. I'm also honored the festival organized a Pepper&Carrot exhibition this year. The entrance is free and you'll find many other authors and activities. I hope I'll meet a lot of you!

More info:

Picture: a little parody of the poster of the festival with Pepper and an octopus 🐙


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Ah, the 'air suit' must be how Pepper visits Aquah!

link Vinay  

Oh yeah, I really like this one. The original poster does have a cool 1920s vibe though, but this one is more expressive. I can feel the excitement. Regardless of whether the octopus writes a circle or cross in that upper right corner, it is bound to win. Poor Pepper, she also lost from Carrot in that computer game. She's an amazing witch though. We all have our talents!

link Un élève qui étudie lefrançais  

Oh non ! Je suis en France maintenant pour étudier le français, mais le 8 juillet est quand je quitte la France pour retourner chez moi. J'avais vraiment envie de vous rencontrer parce que j'adore vos BDs. Peut-être une autre fois...
De toute façon, j'espère que vous continuez de faire des BDs. Elles sont trop cools ! Merci beaucoup !

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