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Long time without a blog post, but I have been active on social media. I had an issue on the website with posting new article and I fixed it this afternoon (oh, the joy of self hosting... -_-`). Anyway:

I'm still penciling on the next episode of Pepper&Carrot, and this week, I did my daily warm-up before working on the pages with the sketches you'll find here under.

Here is a cleaned compilation of them (credits in image descriptions). These are all mascots of Free/Libre and open-source web services interoperable using the activityPub protocol (eg.Peetrube/Mastodon/Misskey/Pleroma/PixelFed/Funkwhale), the global name of the network resulting of the interaction of all these apps is named the Fediverse.

Sources will be uploaded later here.

Pleroma-chan, a tiny fox girl (https://pleroma.social) chase happily a squid, Sepia (https://joinpeertube.org). This last one is affraid and run. License: CC-By davidrevoy.com, pleroma.social

Rȯse a fennec-fox (https://joinmobilizon.org) make some balance exercice on top of a roll and a plank, she is in full focus, eye closed. A squid, Sepia (https://joinpeertube.org) applaud at the scene with heart in their eyes. License: CC-By davidrevoy.com

Fred, a firefox panda mascot I found for Pixelfed (https://pixelfed.org, inspired by artist Andy Cuccaro) panic on the back of a large whale smiling with headphones (https://funkwhale.audio/). These two are not official mascot, just approximation with random quick search. License: ??? (for Fred), my whale with headphones is an invention.

AI, Misskey (https://misskey-hub.net) mascot, a girl with a Japanese student uniform and cat ears pets on the head a tiny mastodon creature, this one is happy. License: CC-By davidrevoy.com. Misskey by Syuilo ( https://github.com/syuilo/ai/commit/15406d0f30c134e641267795e6eb6cc46a66888a ) under a MIT license as far as I can tell... It's really hard to find license info for Ai on Misskey... Not cool :/ The Mastodon is not looking like the official mascot, just a cartoony Mastodon.

License: "Tiny Fediverse Family Sketches" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link D'artagnanana  

Ah ah trop mignon

link John  

What brushes did you use?
Are it maybe some of your latest brush collection?

link David Revoy Author,

Yes, it's the mechanical pencil icon in blue on my latest brushkit. I put a little stabilizer on it ( ~from 20px to 40px, depending the mood), and I work between 50% and 33% zoom of the viewport.

link John  

Somewhere I read something you contributed brushes to Krita (or that is what I understand).
Does this mean the brushes that are standard in Krita are made by you?
Or maybe I understand it wrong?

link David Revoy Author,

No you are right, it's often attributed to me to simplify things, but under the hood it's still true but also a bit more complex:
I was the one who curated all the brushes, organised them, and painted all the default thumbnails. It was commissioned by the Krita Foundation and the work was very big just before Krita 4 release. On the dev version, months before the release, the community worked a lot to get many brushes into Krita, so default brushes of Krita 4 dev were a big mess. It was a mix of brushes by Me (because Krita 3 had mine), Ramon Miranda, Wolthera, Pablo Cazorla, Rad, Scott Petrovic, Razvan (and probably other I don't remember, sorry).
Krita foundation decided to give me the final word and do the chief of orchestra to manage the situation on the brush. It was in a perspective to avoid the "too many cooks spoiled the dish" effects. So, I tried my best to preserve the submission and modify them (eg. to get unified pressure curve, and behavior), and fusion them with my brushkit of the time to form a new Krita 4 default that would make the maximum of audience happy. It took me months of work I remember, that was really a huge task. After the release of Krita 4 and 5; Ramon Miranda added brush pack to the default: the RGBBrushes, Watercolors set, and probably more. I also added last year the Mypaint brushes to the default. Krita foundation asked me to redo that for Krita 5, but I couldn't because I was busy with finishing the book 4 of Pepper&Carrot. Maybe I'll accept the challenge for future Krita 6. :-)

link John  

Very interesting history!

I have some final 2 questions:

- did you also write the mypaint brush engine or are you not a Krita coder?

- what do you think about the idea to add a page to the Krita website for sharing free brushes, ...
There seems not be a place for this, except krita artists but that's a forum and not a dedicated website for this. Would it not be wonderful to have a website for this to share, update and discuss all kind of resources for Krita?

link David Revoy Author,

:-) Thanks.

About the Mypaint brush Engine, no I didn't write it, and yes, I'm not a Krita coder/developer. I only know my way to use Git, Merge Request, and submit small changes, like resources modifications. (My latest addition was probably the dark-orange theme, and I pushed and cleaned the theme made by someone else). I'm really bad at this type of code, the little I know is mostly scripting language (mainly a bit of bash and PHP).

Your idea for resources is good, but the team already tried that, and it required too much work to maintain. You know; link broken, link updated, someone wants to change an info, someone want to add a new one, etc... etc... So the solution on Krita-Artist is right now the simplest as every brush creators manage their pages, links, and you can comment and ask them precision or to update their links.

link Günter  

servus david
Ich hab mir schon einige bürsten von dir heruntergeladen und ich bin immer voll zufrieden damit macht echt spaß damit und ich freue mich auch auf deine videos
Vielen Dank dafür und freundliche Grüße aus bayern
entschuldige das ich auf deutsch schreibe aber mein Schulenglisch reicht nicht

link David Revoy Author,

Hehe, thanks for your words Günter :) Just don't hesitate to use an auto-translator next time because that's how I'll read it anyway. xD

link Sara Hörchner  


I can't wait for the new pepper & carrot!

I made some pepper & carrot fan art and want to mail it to you but I don't understand your address.
I have no French knowledge (I'm from Austria, Niederosterreich) and I found your address on this website:

David REVOY au Cabinet Dentaire
135 Avenue des Mourets

I translated "Cabinet Dentaire" and it gives me "Dentist Office" :-S
So I'm not sure now: do I have to put this on my letter too or what does it mean???
Are you a dentist as a second job?

Thanks for your explanation
Sara Hörchner

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Sara,
Thanks for your message :) Yes, it's the address to the Dental Office where I am a patient, and where the doctor nicely agreed to receive the mail and package for me. When I have (rare) new packages or letters, they notify me and redirect them to me. It's a system I use to not reveal my actual address and protect my privacy, my house, and my cats. Maybe I should write it under the address I give on Pepper&Carrot. (or on a toolbox when the user clicks an info icon maybe?). Have a good week-end!

link Ryan M Miller  

What is your current position on using AI programs to enhance or modify artwork that you've already made? I've been watching some YouTube videos on a downloadable version of an open source program called Stable Diffusion that can be downloaded to a computer and customized with various sliders and settings to affect what results the program will yield. Based on what videos I've seen, the time required to adjust the settings might be equal to the time required to edit an image normally, but I've never tried using the program myself.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey, you'll find two paragraph I wrote about it on the "About" page here, I have a sort of hidden FAQ section just before I give my email address :o)

link Oel044  

when would be avaible the beta reading?

link David Revoy Author,

Hi! I'm doing progress and if I continue at the same rhythm, it's for somewhere in the middle of next week. :-)

link Lyte  

Nice Fediverse community characters! The way octopusses run over land using their legs like caterpillar treads is fascinating, I love the idea of one running from a headlong child. I've never seen an octopus applaud, but Sepia's gesture looks quite convincing. Sepia is a very distinctive character, instantly recognizable, I've rarely seen that done so well in mascot design. Imagining the future trajectory of Funkwhale's shower of water is amusing and a touch Carl Giles-ish. Little Mastodon is very cute!

Do you know of a Fedi equivalent to DeviantArt or imagur? Would you suggest Mastodon or PeerTube as embeddable-image-sharing sites? Pixelfed seems more Instagramoid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_image-sharing_websites doesn't list any Fediverse services. https://feddit.de/post/316376 suggests Mediagoblin, but while Mediagoblin is active again now the ActivityPub standard is completed, no general-content instances are listed: https://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Live_instances

Oh, and a stupid English quirk: https://www.dictionary.com/e/former-vs-latter/

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