Tiny Fediverse Family Sketches

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Long time without a blog post, but I have been active on social media. I had an issue on the website with posting new article and I fixed it this afternoon (oh, the joy of self hosting... -_-`). Anyway:

I'm still penciling on the next episode of Pepper&Carrot, and this week, I did my daily warm-up before working on the pages with the sketches you'll find here under.

Here is a cleaned compilation of them (credits in image descriptions). These are all mascots of Free/Libre and open-source web services interoperable using the activityPub protocol (eg.Peetrube/Mastodon/Misskey/Pleroma/PixelFed/Funkwhale), the global name of the network resulting of the interaction of all these apps is named the Fediverse.

Sources will be uploaded later here.

Pleroma-chan, a tiny fox girl (https://pleroma.social) chase happily a squid, Sepia (https://joinpeertube.org). This last one is affraid and run. License: CC-By davidrevoy.com, pleroma.social

Rȯse a fennec-fox (https://joinmobilizon.org) make some balance exercice on top of a roll and a plank, she is in full focus, eye closed. A squid, Sepia (https://joinpeertube.org) applaud at the scene with heart in their eyes. License: CC-By davidrevoy.com

Fred, a firefox panda mascot I found for Pixelfed (https://pixelfed.org, inspired by artist Andy Cuccaro) panic on the back of a large whale smiling with headphones (https://funkwhale.audio/). These two are not official mascot, just approximation with random quick search. License: ??? (for Fred), my whale with headphones is an invention.

AI, Misskey (https://misskey-hub.net) mascot, a girl with a Japanese student uniform and cat ears pets on the head a tiny mastodon creature, this one is happy. License: CC-By davidrevoy.com. Misskey by Syuilo ( https://github.com/syuilo/ai/commit/15406d0f30c134e641267795e6eb6cc46a66888a ) under a MIT license as far as I can tell... It's really hard to find license info for Ai on Misskey... Not cool :/ The Mastodon is not looking like the official mascot, just a cartoony Mastodon.

License: "Tiny Fediverse Family Sketches" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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