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Just received a gift: a Intuos Pro Large from Wacom. They plan to reuse on their blog some of my illustrations/tutorials (eg. on tablet ergonomics). They wanted to thanks me because all my content was already available for free on my blog under Creative Commons CC-By ☺️ So cool!

They let me choose the model − even among all their Cintiqs model − but I deeply think pen-display-tablets are not for me. I really tried on the last episode, and I had to switch back to comfort zone in mid way.

My comfort zone is still a 10 year old Wacom Intuos 4 XL with DIY on the top (Huion WH1409 sheet overlay, tweaked to be 16:9 ratio instead of the default 4:3, etc). That is still the only tablet I found that can have an active surface large enough to adapt to modern huge monitor. I describe it on my tablet history log article along with all the tablets I used since I started my carreer, 20 years ago.

But I always was curious about the newer Intuos Large. With my habit of the XL, this tablet is not that large, imo; but maybe its resolution could compensate that 'small' large size? The model I received is the PTH-860, to be exact.

Expect an article here in a near future or a video. In any way I'll share how to setup this model under a Gnu/Linux system (it should be very easy, and well supported I think, we'll see). I'll do this not part of any sponsor deal or contract; I'm really free to also post nothing if I wanted. It's a real gift.

But you know; now I feel free with it, I'll probably invest more love and energy for this model. 🤣

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link Vinay  

Cool gift! I absolutely get that you prefer a regular drawing tablet. I love the ergonomics of having your hands down (for drawing) and your head up (for watching what you do). Now I'm curious actually whether a non-graphical tablet from another brand would have worked for you as well. I have been using an XP-Pen Deco 2 for years and really like it. That said, Wacom gets the props for working so well with linux.

link sincos  

im a intuos 4 large user here. Im sorry to say this, but nobody is making XL models anymore, and the intuos 4XL will probably dissapear, since is almost imposible now to get one , even on ebay.

So, yeah, better be prepared, the closest thing is either a flat cintiq on desk with screen turn off, or a intuos/huion large.

link David Revoy Author,

Oh yes, I know that. That's why I was curious about the last gen Wacom Intuos large. Unfortunately, too small for me (and same for the WH1409 Huion, I have one at home).
Flat cintiq with screen turned-off (and/or cloned) might be something to study as an hybrid longer term solution, yes.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey, I really like the build of the medium Gaomon (the M10K 2018 I tested on the blog) and all the comfort it has for painting (the surface, the stylus), unfortunately it's a medium tablet...
I'll have a look at the non-display tablet on XP-Pen side too; I know a bunch of their models had community support to make them work well with Digimend on Linux, even a model (maybe your?) that has driver directly inside the Linux kernel by default.

link Dalt  

Oh, Wacom changed their business model, giving free tablets and selling only spare nibs? Just kidding it's a good tablet I was just surprised by the speed of wear the nib compared to my previous tablets.

link Louis  

I wonder if the older wacom pens are compatible with it.

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