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Just received a gift: a Intuos Pro Large from Wacom. They plan to reuse on their blog some of my illustrations/tutorials (eg. on tablet ergonomics). They wanted to thanks me because all my content was already available for free on my blog under Creative Commons CC-By ☺️ So cool!

They let me choose the model − even among all their Cintiqs model − but I deeply think pen-display-tablets are not for me. I really tried on the last episode, and I had to switch back to comfort zone in mid way.

My comfort zone is still a 10 year old Wacom Intuos 4 XL with DIY on the top (Huion WH1409 sheet overlay, tweaked to be 16:9 ratio instead of the default 4:3, etc). That is still the only tablet I found that can have an active surface large enough to adapt to modern huge monitor. I describe it on my tablet history log article along with all the tablets I used since I started my carreer, 20 years ago.

But I always was curious about the newer Intuos Large. With my habit of the XL, this tablet is not that large, imo; but maybe its resolution could compensate that 'small' large size? The model I received is the PTH-860, to be exact.

Expect an article here in a near future or a video. In any way I'll share how to setup this model under a Gnu/Linux system (it should be very easy, and well supported I think, we'll see). I'll do this not part of any sponsor deal or contract; I'm really free to also post nothing if I wanted. It's a real gift.

But you know; now I feel free with it, I'll probably invest more love and energy for this model. 🤣

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link Vinay   - Reply

Cool gift! I absolutely get that you prefer a regular drawing tablet. I love the ergonomics of having your hands down (for drawing) and your head up (for watching what you do). Now I'm curious actually whether a non-graphical tablet from another brand would have worked for you as well. I have been using an XP-Pen Deco 2 for years and really like it. That said, Wacom gets the props for working so well with linux.

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