Fedeylins 2 book cover

Here is the second book cover artwork done for the publisher Gründ Romans : Fedeylin book cover t.2 , a book written by Nadia Coste
Gimp-painter 2.6 , Mypaint +Git , CMYKTools.
(Note: Book is published in french only for the moment.)

photo1 fedeylins t2 aux bords du mal david photo2 fedeylins t2 aux bords du mal david

links ( fr ) :

First book cover on this blog : Fedeylin T.1, fantasy book cover Nadia 's blog : http://fedeylins.blogspot.com/ Fedeylins Official website : http://fedeylins.fr/ Publisher : http://www.grund.fr/

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link Gez   - Reply

The final piece looks great. What do you think about color reproduction? was it accurate?

link Jose   - Reply

Really impressive David!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jose : Thanks !

@Gez : The fidelity to what I have on my screen is near perfection , to be true, first time I got that kind of control on the finished product about colors ; it's a real pleasure now to feel more confident in Gimp 'display filters' and CMYKTools. With my pantone Huey and so calibrated screen + the profile of the printer ( Iso coated v2 300% (ECI) ) I was almost sure I couldn't commit any error. I also checked the *.tiff with my wine version of Photoshop Cs2 , just to be sure but all was ok. Many thanks again for your help about color calibration and workflow with FLOSS.

link Matt Jordan   - Reply

Beautiful! Thanks for all of the inspiring work and for the open source tutorials!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Matt Jordan : Thanks for your comment !

link Jérémie   - Reply

I really love your job !!.. And the world of your drawings.:D

link planto   - Reply

cool cover, I like the frog

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