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At the end of this october 2011, I have the honnor to present 3 epic workshops.
Why 'epicness' ?
... let me explain :

  1. The 3 workshops will be in Turin ( Italia , but workshop will be done in english ) during the View Conference a place where happen conferences of the best artist of Pixar, Sony pictures, Weta digital , ILM , Dreamworks etc...etc...
  2. Wacom sponsorize my workshops, and will provide tablets, Intuos 4 I guess. Good to see Wacom helping FLOSS
  3. All workshop will be done on "Sala Sella" at Centro Congressi Torino Incontra, a beautifull room ( photo on the header )
  4. If you are a Blender head, you will meet famous open-source CG artist around: Sebastian König (Mango) , Enrico Valenza (BBB) , etc ;)

I hope I will meet all of you on my workshop ( as well as all my Italian friends from Comicon, View Conference and Top-ix from last year ) ; bring your laptop and tablet, with Gimp-painter installed on your system and Mypaint. The room have enough place on desk to let you experiment with your system during the workshop. And even if you have Photoshop or Corel painter, or another digital painting program , no problem.

Workshop theme : speedpainting for pre-production workshop

image from the open movie pre-production 'Sintel' , CC-By /

Building a bridge between our imagination and a picture result is the faster way to help a production . Previsualisation / Concept art / etc... all depend on our capacity to picture mental representation and apply them to a digital canvas. On what to focus ? how to organise our-self ? How the tools can help us ? are FLOSS softwares ready for that ?
I will do my best to show you how I tranform words and idea into pictures for the entertainement industry.
The 3 workshops will around this topic, with different scenes for each of them, so you can follow the 3 or just come for the last one without any problems.

Scheduling :

  • 25 Oct | 14:15-16:15 ( 2 hours ) 4€
  • 26 Oct | 09:00-15:15 ( 6 hours ) 12€
  • 28 Oct | 09:00-11:00 ( 2 hours ) 4€

( Workshops hourly fee: 2,00 € ) "Sala Sella" at Centro Congressi Torino Incontra suscribe online ( credit card or paypal ) :

Spread the word and see you on end october in Turin !

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