Signing Session in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val

Last Pepper&Carrot signing session of the season: at Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, bookstore "Le Tracteur Savant", Sunday 10 July, 10h to 12h30. The date changed, it was originally announced for Saturday, but on Sunday, there is also one of the largest market of the region; a real touristic attraction; so we decided to make it happen during the market.

Here is a quick painting about this beautiful place. It is a paint-over a photo originaly shot by jcb-caz-11 on Wikimedia Commons, CC-By-Sa license.


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That's so nice, we've been there a few times ten years ago with my family. So my kids (0 and 2yo at the time) don't remember it and I don't recall seeing a friendly witch and cat fly by, but they do fit in nicely. With all these scenic drawings, it would actually be nice if these would be turned into postcards someday. Most of these places thrive on tourism (hence how we ended up there) and these are a nice twist to the typical scenic pictures and greetings. This doesn't only go for your more recent works at these signing sessions, but for instance also the drawings you made at the Openlucht Museum Arnhem a few years back. Not saying you should coordinate that, but the beauty of open source is that someone living off tourism in one of these places could actually pick this up. I'm sure people would love it. Especially as people might find the witch later on. It is fun to find details later on, especially if there is a whole story behind it.

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why is pepper so small in the picture?ヾ(•ω•`)o

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I don't get it

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I think it works really nicely - gives the viewer a point of reference that really makes the river look broad and the landscape vast, rather than just 'eh, there's some water, houses and hills there'. Really emphasizes the scale, if that makes sense? I dunno, I really like how it looks. Scenic.

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perhaps you're right. I have no artistic cells.

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