I detailed today an old sketch to test something technical about painting (and also to keep beta testing Krita 5.1beta1). After the Rendez Vous de la BD in Amiens Festival, I saw hundreds of comic styles but rarely painterly style.

So, I'm reconsidering the orientation I took on the last production report about style. It might help to push forward episode 37 because I'm not happy right now with the rendering of the first page colored and I'm looking to solve this issue.

The goal of this test illustration was to study the contrast of detailing; leaving part brushed and heavy textured on one side, and to detail with a lot of care focus point on the other side. (here, the face of Shichimi). It helps at crunching production time, while keeping the fun to detail as much as I want some specific parts.

I'll try to transfer this knowledge and notes I took into episode 37 production.

License: "Asleep" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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