Work in Progress screenshot (ep 37)

Work in progress comic page on future episode 37 (and the opening of season 5) of Pepper&Carrot. It looks like I'll have a lot of fire effect to paint to give life to this big phoenix. I can't wait to color it! But first, I have to complete all the drawings and do a quick shading pass on all of them. That is still a lot of work to do before coloring 😅

License: "Work in Progress screenshot (ep 37)" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Vinay  

Oh, when I looked at the drawing I initially thought Pepper found the Oversized Posh Zombie Canary!

Just wondering, how do the seasons work? The whole series isn't strictly divided in series, is it? Only in some bigger stories here and there.

link David Revoy Author,

Haha, good idea for the Oversized Posh Zombie Canary, this creature needs to come back at a point.
About the seasons; that's how I call the split that happens between book1, book2... ... book 4. So I'm starting book 5 with this episode, that's why I'm talking about season 5. This cut in book/seasons is not related to a major story arc; you are right, mini arcs rarely survives 3 episodes with me (`^_^)

link cyril  

c'est inspirant de voir ton enthousiasme toujours aussi intact aprés 36 épisodes.. surtout que c'est un processus qui te demande du temps. Etant en train de débuter un projet de webcomic je me demande bien comment je serais si j'arrivais à ce stade.. c'est rassurant! En tout cas en tant que public je suis devenu accro à pepper et carrot, alors j'attend avec impatience la suite! bonne journée

link David Revoy Author,

Merci! Oh, il y a eu des haut et des bas; l'enthousiasme à pris des coups parfois. Mais, là, la sortie du tome 4 prochainement me redonne la pêche. C'est cool de voir les dernières 70 pages ainsi valorisé dans un reccueil. Bon courage pour le projet de webcomic et merci pour le mot sympa!

link Pip  

It looks awesome! Do you have any estimate when it will be released? Do you think it might happen by the first week of April?

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks! About an ETA, still in a blury situation here; it's better I'm not thinking about a release date for the moment because just the life takes a lot of pleasure to contradicts any plan I have since start 2022. Sometime it's like that. I hope it will be more productive on the next trimester.

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