link Bohdan Tereta   - Reply

Wow, he grew up so much!
You took good care of him :)

link Adam Strick   - Reply

Take good care of the cat.

link dd-h   - Reply

It seems Miolek enjoyed the photo-session more, when he was younger.

On the right photo he looks like he is thinking:"Common guys, what are You going to do with me?"


It is always interesting how this young kitten evolve to grownups.

Cats enrich our life. I can´t think of a life without our three lady-cats

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks, I totally agree and it is correct about the photo: it was very hard to get a good one for this remake (impossible to redo the exact same pose) Now he is too playful and independent to really pose for a staged photo :-)

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