Tips to fix your drawing and linearts on Krita

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The Mirror tool in Krita is cruel and reveal the truth... But, once you spot the deformation on a drawing or line-art, what method you can use to fix it? This video shows you my method within all the limit of my actual skill. You'll know at least how I manage my correction pass over the art of Pepper&Carrot. Sorry for my french accent and english mistakes.

PS: Yay! I finished my video tutorial started wednesday afterall.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:19 Workflow
  • 00:44 Mirror
  • 01:19 Copy blending mode setup
  • 03:49 Layer Visibility shortcut
  • 04:12 Erase and re-sketch
  • 06:22 Liquify deformation
  • 07:45 Inking again
  • 09:07 Result and outro/license


  • Intro: Fabian Measures - Hanami (CC-By)
  • Timelapse: Kevin MacLeod - Perspective (CC-By)
  • Outro: Kevin MacLeod - Backed Vibes Clean (CC-By)

Video and artworks by David Revoy Edited with Kdenlive 21.04 on Kubuntu Linux 20.04

License: "Tips to fix your drawing and linearts on Krita" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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