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  • 2021-08-07: a video with full description of the brush was added, as promised in the original introduction.


My brushes are in constant evolution, and yesterday evening I thought it was time to pack the ones that survived more than a year of production without too much mutations. I collected this way a pack of 18 brushes, cleaned a bit the thumbnails, names and created the Krita bundle.

These brushes are now classics for my practice and part of my vocabulary. Maybe they'll help you too? To get an idea before installing them, here under is a set of pictures to present you the brushes and where I used them (you can click on the picture to enlarge them).

Instructions to download the brush and install them comes after.




Here is a direct link:


  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Open Krita and go to Setting > Manage Resources
  4. Press the Import Bundles button (or import Resources in Krita 5), and find the extracted file on your disk.
  5. Press Ok, Restart Krita.
  6. Done!

The brushe bundle doesn't come with a "tag", the brushes blends well with the default brush kit. You'll probably have to hunt a bit for them in the list. I tested them on Krita 4.4.5 and also on Krita 5~dev. I hope they'll install easily on your side.


This brushes are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 to "David Revoy,". This attribution is necessary in case of redistributing the pack, commercializing it, or modifying the brushes files. This attribution is not necessary in case of usage (you can paint any artwork you want with it, you still own totally your artwork). This attribution is not necessary in case of doing screenshot/screenrecording of Krita while using the brushes.

License: "Krita brushes 2021 bundle" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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link Ahmad Zorik  

I just want to say thank you :)

link Sargon  

Big Thanks!

link Yu Tajil  

Super Thanks !

link Ulisses  

Thanks a lot!

link Wolffy  

Thank you very much! They work great in 4.4.5

link Andreas  

Thank you very much ^_^

I know it's may a stupid question but iam curious if you using your non-screen wacom tablet also for the inking process? I try it for a while but my line control are so bad compared to pen and ink. If yes, did you need a long time to get used to it?

link David Revoy Author,

Hey! I posted a timelapse about inking a comic page where I use both tablet: with display and without. It was on purpose to show both are ok for me ( ).
Non-screen tablets offers plenty of control; but they require a decent size (one that is lower but proportionaly similar to the monitor). The feeling of control on a display-tablet is because the digitizer is forced to be 1:1 sized to the monitor (and it impact the final price). Here I have a large area to draw on the Wacom Intuos4XL, a 42cmx25cm active area for a 27inch monitor. It's lower than the size of the monitor, but perfect for control.

link Andreas  

Thank you very much for linking the video (iam not sure if I watched it before or may just forget ^^) and your explanation. That helps me a lot. Wish you a good week!

link Luis  

Great ! Obrigado / thanks !

link Dandelion  

Andreas, be sure that, in your settings, the tablet is mapped to the same ratio as your screen! If they're different, it can distort the path of your stylus and drawing will be very frustrating.

If you want a quick way to see if it's off, try tracing a circular object with your stylus. A mismatched ratio will result in an oval instead of a circle.

link tdendybibiana11  

not where is who but want please good in so none draw out wrong deevad krita 5.0 Download?

sad love help Thank you

link Artistoptimist  

Thank you very much David for the brushes. :-)
Wanted to tell you that a few brushes do not work in krita 5. The pattern is not loaded correctly for 5 brushes. Whether everything else works I can not say. It looks like the brushtip 3_rake is also not avaiable.

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks! Krita5 doesn't exist yet, only a beta1 was released, so its normal if you met a bug. Please report to the krita developer as all brush kit made for Krita4 should be compatible with future 5 in theory. Thanks.

link Artistoptimist  

Hey David, thanks for the fast reply. I really like your brushes and the contribution to krita, really thank you very much.Hey David, thanks for the fast reply. I really like your brushes and the contribution to krita, really thank you very much.

It looks like your brushes uses 4-paper-soft-grain_testdark-black55.png and other patterns which is not delivered in your bundle and also not in the krita default resources. In Krita 4 the pattern plops up only when you select a brush, idk if it is only stored in the preset. And now in the beta they aren't avaiable. Looks like the bundle was maybe not right created in krita 4? Same for your bundle Krita_4_extras. Ramon also checks all his bundle too right now and doesn't say it is a bug or got fixed in the release. There is a big thread in the krita-artists forum. Maybe you only need to reselect the pattern to export it correct in the bundle and all is fine for both bundles?

It looks like your brushes uses 4-paper-soft-grain_testdark-black55.png and other patterns which is not delivered in your bundle and also not in the krita default resources. In Krita 4 the pattern plops up only when you select a brush, idk if it is only stored in the preset. And now in the beta they aren't avaiable. Looks like the bundle was maybe not right created in krita 4? Same for your bundle Krita_4_extras. Ramon also checks all his bundle too right now and doesn't say it is a bug or got fixed in the release. There is a big thread in the krita-artists forum. Maybe you only need to reselect the pattern to export it correct in the bundle and all is fine for both bundles?

link Andreas  

Thank you for your help! :-)

link Tau Myx  

Hello everyone.
I've been drawing digitally since the 1980's. I've tried a bunch of different programs that simulate "Natural media", and I find them quite frustrating. What is the point of simulating all these different physical tools that are themselves used to simulate the subject the artist actually wants to draw? It's like a car that needs a whip and horseshoes to drive.
Why can't digital brushes be made that directly draw common subjects, like leaves, grasses, stone textures, hair, excetera? There used to be some programs that did this, but they don't run on modern machines.

link David Revoy Author,

A brush that simulate that will never have the accurate brush stroke rythm of the artist, the ready made light setup as in your scene, the resolution of the floor with right amount of detail and blur...etc. Ready made pattern are weak in personality in a painting and suffer of that. If you feel such workflow is the way for you, learn a 3d software like Blender where many objects can be used like 'brush' and will have variation of 3d form, perspective, light and depht blur. Then, apply a little paint over on top if necessary. (Note :Krita default pack contains a lot of brush to help for shaping silhouettes of leaf, mountains, rock, clouds, hair)

link Tau Myx  

Lighting, detail, and blur need to come from the artist in either case, that wouldn't be different. But when I look through this huge list of brushes, the vast majority of them I am left wondering why I'd ever want it. I also find myself spending hours with the settings and controls of these brushes to get them to do what I want, and then end up using the clone tool instead.

Real life isn't made of brush strokes. A painter doesn't make their oil paintings look like marble sculpture, why am I being pushed to make my digital work look like oil? I guess I'd like to see fewer, more useful brushes, rather then so much attention on simulating tools I've never used in real life. (I've tried 3D, but the software goes obsolete and stops running too fast.)
BTW, sorry to dump this here, where someone seems to be doing a good job satisfying other artists. But I don't know where else to ask this.

link AJ  

Try Clip Studio Paint. It comes with a set of brushes that do what you're asking: they automatically draw grass, trees, flowers, rope, zippers, etc. It's not too hard to learn how to make your own CSP brushes which will let you draw something once, turn it into a brush, and use the brush to automatically draw it after that. Also, CSP has an assets store where you can find many more brushes that let you automatically draw common items and patterns. Lots of these item/pattern brushes are free to download as needed:

Because of its massive userbase, you can find Photoshop brushes that will automatically draw all kinds of common items. If Adobe is too expensive, Affinity Photo is a much lower cost, one-time purchase, and it uses Photoshop brushes. Here, for example, is an Affinity/Photoshop brush set that automatically draws leaves, earth, water, fire, rocks, etc.

You should also take a look at Black Ink: "Unlike most other digital painting solutions Black Ink doesn't try to mimic traditional tools but uses your computer as a really unique creative platform."

Hope this helps.

link AJ  

Thank you for sharing this brush set, and for your helpful YouTube videos about Krita & digital art! Your webcomic is gorgeous, and I'm excited to try out some of the tools you've developed to help you create it.

link Daniel Steinborn  

Those are really great brushes! Had a bit trouble getting them to work though.

First I tried them with krita-4.4.8-x86_64.appimage on Manjaro/KDE, but most of the brushes had an "X" in their thumbnail and did not work.

But in Krita 4.4.7-1 from the repositories they worked flawlessly. Will stick with that for now. Let me know if I can help in any way to debug this.

link rusiani  

Quick question here, i was wondering in gallery on sketch, the 2nd girl with the horns, on the left of her is it used the 2nd brush?

And i want to thank you so much for puting these out, use them every day!

link David Revoy Author,

The artwork with full resolution and layer is on the Pepper&Carrot gallery here: . If you open the high-resolution (click on the art, or open the "source & license" panels with top right button on the viewer) you'll see the brush I used more clearly. For the big wash of grey, I used the default watercolor set part of Krita 4.x (a contribution done by Ramon Miranda).

link rusiani  

Hello again, i've been struggling a bit trying to find the default watercolor brush you used there, i was wondering do I have to download it from somewhere or is it already in the latest krita version? if i do have to dowload it from somewhere, if you can share a link that would be great!
I downloaded some bundles from Ramon Miranda but i could't find it, sorry for the confusion.

link David Revoy Author,

If you have Krita over version 4.4.2 (should be easy, it was 6 version ago, current is 4.4.8); the watercolor brushes are part of default, in "All" category, they start by j)_WaterC and have a icon with blue on it to see them on the family.

link rusiani  

I got it, thank you!
Do you have a texture on the whole canvas here?

link David Revoy Author,

Yes, check the source files (the "Sources and License" button on the gallery); in the source Kra file, you'll find the texture on the bottom group.

link rusiani  

Thank you for your time, have a good day!

link kaley m.  

thank you beautiful brush

link Fable  

Hi David great brush set! I was wondering, do you have any plans to release your brush sets for Clip Studio Paint at all? Would love to use them in that program if possible.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Fable, thanks for your nice words.
For Clip Studio Paint: I would require two conditions:
1) They adopt a Free/Libre License and open the code. I use only that, my operating system too.
2) They port Clip Studio Paint on Linux; because of (1) this is the operating system I use.
If you can convince them, I'll be happy to help with a portage :-)


Bonjour s'il vous plait y'a t'il des brosses pour faire de speed line sur Krita.
Actuellement j'utilise le vanishing point mais il est limité

link David Revoy Author,

Non, je n'en ai pas sous forme de gros tampon en brosse (principalement à cause de la limite de Krita pour la taille des brosses, et pour les temps de chargements des brosses au demarage; devrait être résolu dans Krita5).
La méthode sous Krita est d'utiliser le vanishing point, ou plus recemment les calques SeExpr.
En tuto, j'avais fait ça en 2015:

link andy castle  

Thanks so much Daivid, love your work

link Brittany T  

Hey David, long time user and fan- I love your brushes, thanks so much for sharing them. I updated Krita yesterday and noticed today a lot of brushes were missing, specific ones i always use. So i uninstalled and reinstalled the previous version but im having the same problem. I re downloaded this brush pack and its in my resources, but when i try to move them into active the program is telling me the bundle doesnt exist. Ive been playing with it for hours and all i can seem to do is lose more brushes and i dont know what to do.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Brittany T,
Oh no! That sounds very difficult and stressful to get this type of experience. Have you tried accidentally to update to the development version? (Krita 5.x ?)
That can be a source of issue: It is still beta and in development, and a lot is happening with brushes (resources system is being totally rewrited with another system).

In any case; in Settings > Manage resources > you should find a button to "Open resources folder". This is where all the files and preferences are stored. (in case you want to remove manually a bundle; or erase the files "blacklist" that contain brushes hidden from the interfaces , the one you deleted before or Krita keep hidden). If the problem persist; a good idea could be to copy in a safe place the content of "Open resources folder" , then delete all. So, you'll start fresh; it can be useful to test. Good luck, and let me know how it goes and if I can help.

link Brittany T  

Thanks for your quick reply- No, i didnt update to the beta version, it was the update from august, i think 4.8 cant remember the third number. I tried what you suggested and reuploaded the bundle into the cleaned out resource file and it still isnt working (I also closed and reopened the program. still no luck.) From what I can see i believe its only your bundle that isnt showing anymore, as I dont have the updated move tool brush, the new smudge brushes, ect, that i use all the time, but i have many presets and other bundles ive imported.

link Brittany T  

Hey so i think maybe i might have just goofed up- originallly when i downloaded this bundle, a lot of the other brushes updated too, like the move tool brush and the layer change brushes- and i assumed those were in your bundle but and were replaced, but i see now that your bundle only had 18 brushes. So now I need to figur eout why i dont have the updated pre-loaded brushes anymore.

link David Revoy Author,

Good, at least now I know it is the default pack that have an issue. What happened if you try to download the default pack as a bundle and then install it as a brush bundle?

link Christine  

Thanks for the brushes!

link Chris  

Thank you, you are the best. I subscribed to your channel and think it's great

link Sarena  

I came here from your video about the new brush set. Thank you so much for all your work! Your videos and your brushes are incredibly helpful. I love following how you create your amazing artwork.

Please give your cat some extra pets and scritches! To be honest, I had to restart the video because I was looking at the cat instead of listening to you ;-).

link Cesar Coelho  

Just to thank you on your generosity and talent. All the best.

link Tamly  

Awesome, Thanks a lot!

link Gigi  

Greetings David Revoy,

I just want to thank you. I have migrated from adobe Photoshop etc. and my son actually showed me Krita. I looked for brushes, found yours and it is heaven. Bless you for this gift that you could have charged a pretty penny for. It is truly appreciated.

link Hanna  

Hello! i absolutely love your content pack very much, but i would like to ask, is visible credit needed when the artwork painted with your brushes is posted onto internet, like instagram or tumblr? english is not my first language, and i couldn't understand the whole thing, and i just want to make sure! thank you!

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Hanna,
No, no credits is required or needed to post artworks painted with it. You are free to use them, even for pro, commercial and published art.
I only ask the credit in case of re-sharing the brushes themselves. Have fun! :)

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you!

link mia  

Hi David! i came here to give your brushes a try because they seem very cool!! however, i kind of struggle to download this brush pack, im still new to the program and the way importing new brushes into it work. But anyway.. is there a simple way to download brushes? Hope you see this message even when i am late, Lol. In case you see this message, i wanted to ask you this very important question, I downloaded krita about a month ago, and everything worked very fine, I loved the app LOTS, especially the new brushes they offered! i believe it is named as ''RGBA brushes" It's about the textured brushes If I am being correct. Anyway! so I was slowly experimenting those lovely brushes and i started to obsess with them, the next day I open krita again, I didn't find the brushes, ever again. they seem to be missing, not one, two, MANY brushse, especially the textured ones, is there anyway i can fix this? thanks in advance!

link fnd  

Hey David.Thanks a lot for the brushes and all your tutorial videos. You are one super awesome dude. Keep on rockin'!!

link David Revoy Author,

Many thanks!

link Zachary  

Seriously thank you so so so much! I've felt at a crutch without some custom brushes to get into digital painting. This is an incredible gift to beginner digital artists. I cannot thank you enough for giving me such a head start!

link Zachary  

Hey Mia! The only thing I can help you with is downloading the brushes. I'm guessing that your having a problem extracting the file so Krita can use it? I use windows so we don't have an extractor already installed, but I use 7zip. It's free to download and it will be in the options when you left-click a zipped file. You can extract it to the destination you choose and then add it to your program!

Let me know if you need more help!

link Jules  

I have been working in Krita for a few months with the default brushes and I have unknowingly been squandering my potential. I just downloaded these brushes and within minutes of using them they already feel so much better than the defaults. Thank you for making increasingly good brush sets that work much better than default.

link Virus!!  

This thing has a virus! Never install it!

link David Revoy Author,

Hi, this is a grave accusation and NO IT DOESN'T.
I just had a check, the file is still just a passive zip with a Krita bundle on it.
Same checksum, my website hasn't been compromised.

So, the problem comes from elsewhere (if problem you have, you even don't describe what virus you had...).
You probably installed something else, or just use Ms Windows with a cheap anti-virus that send false positive notification for every zip downloaded from internet.

So, NOT THANK YOU for making me spend 10 min redownloading the zip, checking the integrity of the files, etc... and write this reply at morning.
Not thank you for calling my carefully work done I package for free "This thing". It made my morning coffee taste bitter than usual.

link Deniz  

I downloaded the brushes and imported them. They appear in the resources list but not among the brushes list.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Deniz,

Yes, the "Manage Resource Libraries" has a weird interface, after imported the bundle in the list the brush bundle doesn't have outline around it. So, you need to select it and click "Activate" button. After that, the bundle should appear.

link Emma  

I tried to download those brushes but I have the "the bundle doesn't exist" problem. It's the first time that I dl brushes and I tried with differents files on your site but none of them works for me...
Do you know how to do ?
Sorry, I do not speak english very well.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi, no problem, I can understand you very well.

Have you unzipped the downloaded file before adding it inside Krita?
Krita requires a file finishing by .bundle, it is inside a zip when you download here.

If your problem continues, please report it to the developers; especially if you use Windows, Mac or Android.

link Emma  

Yes I dezipped the file before I tried to adding it inside Krita, it's the bundle file that "does not exist"...

link David Revoy Author,

Can you tell me:
- The Krita version
- The Operating system you use, and version
- The Internet Browser you use for the download
Here on latest Krita 5.1.1 and Linux Fedora 36, I can't reproduce it : I tested this morning and I can download, unzip then install the brush. No error message, no warning.

link Maria Teresa  

Really usefull, i just loved it, it's prfect for my art :3

link Ric Zadili  

thank you so much for your wonderful brushes and tutorials.

link Community Appreciation  


1) First, much like everyone else, appreciation for all your contributions to the wonderful Krita ecosystem. Long live FLOSS! I sympathise with your reaction to the disrespectful and dismissive 'this thing.' Please don't let it dishearten you, plenty of us admire what you do.

2) As for this (likely Windoze-using) non-specific virus-accusatory anonytard, they're clearly not a techie and they probably don't practise safe browsing either, so please don't spend too long on it if it happens again.

Can I suggest two easy simple additions:

Publish checksums alongside your downloads. Even the old MD5 system helps check integrity of a downloaded file, but now SHA256 or SHA512 are better and tie in with the second step, which is...

Submit your files to VirusTotal, so you can confidently and instantly reply to future morons by pointing them there, less angst, less time wasted, while your own quick local re-checksumming confirms the files are still an identical match.

Keep up the good work. :)

link Miguel Antônio  

Your brushes will help me a lot to make amazing art in Krita David, I just really wanted to know if you got used too quickly to making digital art on the graphics tablet or if it took time. If you can't answer everything, thank you anyway 🙂.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey Thanks!

It took me time to get used to graphic tablet. I remember the first afternoon when I received one more than 20 years ago. What a deception! I wanted to paint a fantasy scene of a tree, but everything felt very wrong. The movement, the way I felt disconnected from the piece, the interface of the software always 'kicking me out' of the focus I had on the canvas and the experience of drawing and painting.
With time, it goes away, but it is still here, especially after a break. Having a routine of making quick random sketches and painting can help to keep the hand/brain/monitor sync. Good luck with it!

link Fushii  

My first brush set, very cool

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