Price hike at 1st july

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😩 The printer of my self-published comic books announced a dramatic increase of prices (+45%) starting 1st July. That's sad... So, if you want them, I invite you to shop in June before the price hike:


License: "Price hike at 1st july" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Jiri Svoboda  

I've already got all of them, and I love them. And my kids love them, too.

link David Revoy Author,

A big big thank you! 🥰

link Jay  

I was wondering whether you could post your inking brushes!
I love your webcomic about Pepper& Carrot I wish you the best!

link Châu  

You can down load brushes from black bar at top of this web page. Click middle word 'BRUSHES'.

link Châu  

¿Publisher tell reason WHY increase price?

link kennedy stewar  

I don't know why it's almost doubled
<a href="">geometry dash</a>

link lucy  

Hello David :-) I just tried to buy the PDF of your The Art of Pepper & Carrot, but have unfortunately had a bad time on drivethrucomics. I'm wondering if they have made other changes too, or maybe even changed ownership, as I was very surprised to encounter google captcha, then forced signing up for account, then a badly presented visa card checkout page, where there wasn't a box to enter address ... then, although I avoid paypal unless absolutely necessary, and only as a guest checkout, trying that option showed that no guest checkout was possible. By this time, I've given up being able to buy the book, and was getting nervous about e.g. card details/email etc being on the site, so decided to remove the account. There was no 'delete account' button in the account settings. There was also reference to facebook on the site, and, in uMatrix, all sorts of bad privacy settings ... I had allowed the cookies very briefly, hoping I could just quickly pay and leave the site, and have cleaned cookies/history since.

I've just had to use their very complex 'contact us' page to send a message asking for their help in closing the account. To give them full credit, they've literally replied within 10 minutes, apologizing for the inconvenience and saying they've closed the account, which is impressive.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Lucy,
Yes, sorry for the trouble while using the platform and the bad experience. Unfortunately, I don't have any control on how their website is evolving or their choice for Captcha. I was happy with my tests when I first evaluated them among other choices to put Pepper&Carrot on it, years ago. Yes, they are easy to reach and it's not a big company, afaik. To their defense, the rewrite of their website has been going on since years (a preview can be seen on a banner on drivethrurpg; the flagship service for RPG book before the comic service ) and I suspect they are aware of all the issue on the legacy website (and hope them to be all-in-one fixed once the rewrite lands). Thank you for the feedback about it.

link lucy  

Hi David :-) and thank you for your message. It must be diffficult dealing with a rewrite that lasts so long, and I couldn't actually purchase your book, so maybe some fresh options can be found at some point, if the privacy/rewrite issues continue, or unfortunately more sales are lost. Hopefully things work out okay.

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