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😩 The printer of my self-published comic books announced a dramatic increase of prices (+45%) starting 1st July. That's sad... So, if you want them, I invite you to shop in June before the price hike:


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link Jiri Svoboda   - Reply

I've already got all of them, and I love them. And my kids love them, too.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

A big big thank you! 🥰

link Jay   - Reply

I was wondering whether you could post your inking brushes!
I love your webcomic about Pepper& Carrot I wish you the best!

link Châu   - Reply

You can down load brushes from black bar at top of this web page. Click middle word 'BRUSHES'.

link Châu   - Reply

¿Publisher tell reason WHY increase price?

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