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Here is a video from the Morevna team that explain their work and process on their on-going project: converting the Episode 3 of Pepper&Carrot into a Motion Comic. The team use only Free/Libre and Open-Source tools and release their result under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

I really liked this polished video that shows all the team members and also all the steps necessary to make their Motion Comic. I also liked to see all the care they put to give life to my original artworks, and the way their process is publicly open. That's fantastic to see the tiny sequences animated!

For a reminder, the Morevna team already made in 2017 a motion comic adaptation of Episode 6. You can support their project, they propose right now to their supporter a blog-post to select what will be the next episode after episode 3.

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link Anna  

hello!! I have the latest version of krita, but I don't have any of the amazing brushes you own how do I get them also you're cool.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Anna, thank for your words! If you have Krita installed; you already have my brushes (they are preinstalled by default). But if you want more of them, look at this post: , it contains a new additional set and all instructions to install them.

link Alissa Baker  

Hi David, I agree with Anna, I cannot find the brushes I only see krita 4.4.3 presets which I find quite limited. I've tried YouTube videos that went to resource manager.. but those videos were complicated and bad quality. Please explain how. I admire your passion for art and your creativity I am limited in my imagination. You inspire me! Love your comic series of Pepper and Carrot.

Alissa Baker

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Alissa,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a feedback (and for your lovely words too about Pepper&Carrot).
I added a new item on the top menu of my website: "BRUSHES" , it's a quick patch that redirect to the tag "brush" and filter my article this way.
I hope it will ease finding them.
I advice: "Brush preset duo bundle" and "Krita 4 Extras brush presets pack" to complete the default pack.
To install them:
1. Download the zip on the pages.
2. Extract the zip to get the "bundle file" (inside the zip).
3. Open Krita and go to Setting > Manage Resources
4. Press the Import Bundles button, and find the extracted file on your disk.
5. Press Ok, Restart Krita.

I hope it will help.

link Alissa Baker  

Thank you so much! I wish I could support you, but unfortunately because of this Covid-19 I lost my job as a graphics designer, and now I do commissions. I'm low on money and I've decided to try Krita. I used to use Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint but they are very expensive and I thought: "Well, what harm could it do?" I've been trying to find a job similar to my last one but, there just aren't any.
I really apricate your feedback!

link David Revoy Author,

I'm sorry you lost your job (no problem about support, I totally understand).
Take the time to rebuild comfort and security for your work and your production. I hope my free brushes, tutorials and other resources will contribute a bit to ease that time. Have a good week-end!

link Jack Mulbur  

hello, David!
I was wondering whether you could post your inking brushes!
I love your webcomic about Pepper& Carrot I wish you the best!
Jack Mulbur

link Jiri Svoboda  

Amazing news! I loved episode 6 motion comic, it is quite frankly amazing how they managed to brought the comic to life (I mean it's so vivid in its comic form, but the motion version is just amazing). It's so great to see them continuing on this :-D

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