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In response to recent events of ownership change and conflict on Freenode, I decided to move the main official Pepper&Carrot chat room somewhere else. Here are the new links:

If you are not familiar with this networks and just want to join our chat room; it's easy. You don't need to install anything and can happen in your web-browser. Just click this link to open Pepper&Carrot chat room and you'll be able to read our recent discussions. To interact with us, you'll need to create an account (and I recommend the read of our CoC) but that's all. Easy!

The community bridges (eg. the popular Telegram bridge) will follow soon, hopefully. Thank you for your patience.

On a last note, I want to say that I used daily Freenode to chat with many projects since 2009 (Blender open movies, Krita, Inkscape) and it was also the home of Pepper&Carrot and contributors since 2014 and I'm grateful for that. So many countless ideas and good time happened on this network for me. It is sad to leave it. But knowing most of the Freenode staff moved to makes me feels confident the good time and good ideas will continues to happen on our new place. Thanks again to: Dezponia for the setup of our Matrix room, M1dgard and Cmaloney for reserving the namespace on and thanks gleki for the work on the bridge! And thanks also to Matrix and networks for hosting Pepper&Carrot!

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