Penguicon 2021: Artworks

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Hey, it's already the last day at Penguicon2021 virtual event, and I'm taking a little break between panels to post the artworks I made.


The workshop was about the character design of a Penguin Wizard. I put a focus on black&white character creation, shapes and iteration to play between the archetypes (a set of features so the audience can directly identify the character as a penguin and as a wizard without the necessity of dialogues or backstory about it) and what will bring a hint of originality to the result. I want to thank here the participant for submitting their ideas during the livestream: the goat horns, the sachel and the cup of tea. These constraints helped to create this grumpy short penguin wizard, probably specialist in beverage made with herbs.

Here is a rendering I made of the character −codenamed "Pengalf"− developed during the workshop and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, so feel free to reuse it:

Pengalf, CC-By (click to get full resolution)

And here is under what was on my monitor after the 50min of the workshop. On left you can see research using black and white and the symmetry tool to invent without the technical constraint of color, shading, posing, perspective and forms. Then on right a quick color sketch trying to input back these constraints but after getting the idea and design.

The research on my screen at the end of the session (click to get full resolution)

My wish was to communicate to the audience to split the 'concept' part and the 'execution' part. I wanted to underline that, because it's easy to feel lost when approaching the visual development or concept-art of a character; especially when being used to see online on social medias mostly skilled artist showing the impressive 'execution' part and trying to replicate that without preparation.

Lobby room live doodles

On Friday and Saturday evening, I joined the 'Lobby' room moderated by Rider (and powered by a Jitsi Meet server). One of the best parts about Penguicon is seeing who you can meet up with in the Lobby! Well, It's Lobby Con time in a Virtual Space, so I started to share my monitor and launch Krita and doodle what I was listening.

During the Friday Lobby discussions: we had UFOs, Bob Ross, bots fighting/battlebots, dogs at home (fart and way to wake up), CD-Roms/DVD, Extraterrestrial, super-heros T-shirts, Penguins, Icecream, squirrels, discussions about the real hotel on the previous IRL conf, Vodka, Snorkies, Speedy Gonzales, bread, butterfly, catfishes, Dragon Maid (anime), cat, cross stitching, Animaniacs, problem with cat's litters and evil cats, octopus, Firefox, funny cloud and that's probably all.

"Lobby 1", contains element of fan-art under fair-use (click to get full resolution)

During the shorter Saturday Lobby session: we had Giraffe with headband, Knuckles with a bouquet of Churros, fountains, sea monkey, bathing stories with cats, (an overflowing toilet?) a cat making noise at the windows and a vampire. :rofl:

"Lobby 2", contains element of fan-art under fair-use (click to get full resolution)

I really hope I'll paint something like that one day during a real IRL discussion at Penguicon (with a laptop connected to a screen projector?) to illustrate the talk during a panel, etc... I enjoyed a lot doing this!

Ending note: a good time

It's already Sunday −the last day of PenguiCon 2021− and the ending ceremony is approaching. So, I want to thanks here all participants, panelists and organizers for all the good time, material for thoughts, laughs and nice words during the sessions!


License: "Penguicon 2021: Artworks" by David Revoy − Published under fair-use. This artwork contains references to copyrighted elements.
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