Krita Colorize-Mask: Advanced Tips

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Hey, here is a new video "Krita Colorize-Mask: Advanced Tips" where I share what I found to get better results and work faster while coloring my previous episode of Pepper&Carrot. Sorry if I sound a little messy and inarticulate; I recorded it last week and today while I was doing the long task of transcripting the subtitles, I saw my sentences were particulary segmented and hesitants. I hope the subtitles will help.

I hope this video will help all the one who decide to go on a big project with colorize-mask. It's always different to use a tool on a single artwork; than ising a tool on 60 panels/10 pages. The little tips here might appears as just be small improvements; something to just win 10 minutes maximum and get a bit more of comfort; But for comic artist; 10 minutes less on each panels means often many hours saved on a full story. (60 panels x 10 minutes = 600 minutes; 10 hours!... ). So any small tips are precious! Any bottleneck in the workflow are also severe... I hope this set will help the one facing the same challenges to get easier time.

License: "Krita Colorize-Mask: Advanced Tips" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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