Timelapse: inking a comic page in Krita (uncommented)

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An uncommented timelapse while inking this page 6 of episode 34 of my webcomic Pepper&Carrot ( https://www.peppercarrot.com/ ). During the process, I thought about activating the recorder and I even put a webcam so you can see what I'm doing on the tablet too. I'm not doing it for everypages; because you can imagine the weight on disk about saving around 10h of videos like this; and also how it is not multi-tasking: when I record, you don't see me open the door to get the mail of the postman, you don't see me cleaning temporary accident of a cat bringing back a mouse at home, you don't see me typing to solve a merge request issue to merge a translation of Pepper&Carrot.

It was recorded with OBS on Kubuntu 20.04 and edited with Kdenlive 20.12. The tablet I use here are both the Cintiq13HD and Intuos4XL; it depends my mood (I'm not sponsored), but I prefer the Intuos4XL if I had to choose. For inking and sketching, the tiny Cintiq is nice.

Kevin MacLeod - Perspectives (CC-By)


link Jeckos150  

Très beau, comme d'hab'! Tu as une méthode spécifique pour les lignes de vitesse / de mouvement? Elles rendent très bien, je trouve.

link David Revoy Author,

J'ai en effet un petit chapitre sur une ancienne video; https://youtu.be/xvQ5l0edsq4?t=305
Mais prochainement, je vais partager une petite bibliothèque de speedline que j'ai fait et que j'utilise à présent en glissé/déposé sur mes dessins (comme pour des trames de mangas).

link Andreas  

That is really a lot of work and very interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing :-) !

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