Studies for episode 35

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Here under studies for episode 35, a montage of roughly 30 Sketches, featuring Pepper at various ages, Arra dragon, Carrot and Torreya (a new character), Arra's pilot.

Text on the picture above:
Arra, a female white dragon very athletic, maybe the fastest dragon alive on Hereva. Expert in flying in high athmosphere. Immune to low temperatures. She can host a single pilot on her back but require a special one able to get the stomach to follow her moves. Attacks: claws and bite (like a giant eagle), her magic power is limited to boost her speed, she can also shockwave by crossing speed of sound.

About my progress: my big single file storyboard is done and I'll start today to cut it into pages; 10 Krita documents ( for artworks and panels) and also retype all speechbubbles in 10 Inkscape documents and translate it on the fly from French to English (Beta-Reader team will improve the dialog later). Once this part done; I'll try to make a first pass in black and white over all the episode.

It will take weeks until I reach the 'Beta-Ready for translation' and with a mountain of todo on my back: emails, maintainance, tax administration, translation system, renderfarm, accessibility, tutorials, documentation, conferences and many other technical issues: I'll have to make priorities. For now, I decided I'll center all my effort around the future episode, and a production of useful bonuses for my patrons (new video tutorials/conferences/brushes).

License: "Studies for episode 35" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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