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Here is a timelapse of a speedpainting using Krita that starts with a thumbnails in black and white; then most of the recoloring and painting of the main blocks is done at a distant zoom level. It helps at managing the overall aspect of the picture. To finish only a small part of the artwork was detailed: the characters. This way, the depth of field is not managed by a blur added (for eg. reducing the detailes of a colored line-art) , but by the lack of details all around. It's a technique that works fine with staged characters, little silhouette and background with organic shapes. It totally falls appart as soon as I apply that to a reaction shot for a comic, or on a complex perspective that require precise guideline. But I'll keep practising because I really like the feeling of 'freedom' this technique offers.

It's an old speedpainting I made in September 2020. I transformed the video records I had on my disk today into a 3 min video timelapse because this week I have no time to record and edit a full tutorial. I'm working hard to finish episode 34 before the end of the month! I hope you'll like this little 'filler' ;-)

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Video and artworks by David Revoy

by Damiano Baldoni
CC-By 4.0, from

Edited with Kdenlive 20.12 on Kubuntu Linux 20.04

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link Felix   - Reply

Looks great, I really like it (especially the trees and Carrot)!
I'm looking forward to episode 34!

link Xencelabs   - Reply

Drawings can be a wonderful source for everyone to express themselves. This technique of speed painting and timelapse is actually wonderful. Thanks a lot! This video will help many people. Keep up the good work!

link Soulless studios   - Reply


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