RMS is back at the FSF.

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Sunday, I was happy to give a talk at the FSF LibrePlanet, wearing the Tshirt I designed for them (see photo). But later that day, Richard Stallman (RMS) announced his return to the FSF's Board of Directors.

RMS will always be a part of the free/libre community history for his achievement, and was great for that. I'm not denying that. I even drew a portrait back in 2016 to depict him with Linus Torvald. I'm quoting myself: "They both are my personal heroes and big inspiration".

But nowadays, I deeply think he is a bad representative for the community. It looks like he is back only because of a personality cult, something I dislike. I feel his comeback and the way it was announced (or even not announced, see blog post of day two) will be more harmful than beneficial for FLOSS in general.

All in all, this is the decision of the FSF and they can do what they want; but on my side, I don't want to be affiliated with this type of decision. In this situation, I'll no longer invest my energy for them... 😿

License: "RMS is back at the FSF." by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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