Derivation: Peppertown video-game by Congusbongus and StarNavigator

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Gif animation screencapture while starting a game

Peppertown is a Pepper&Carrot RPG-themed idle game by Congusbongus and StarNavigator. You can play it directly on its itch.ico dedicated page [1] without installing anything: it plays directly in your browser.

To play the game go to:

The game:

Here is my description of it: A sweet town gets attacked by 2000 Slimes! Pepper, Saffron, Shichimi and Coriander decide to protect it and start to fight back; and each success brings a little money, probably paid by the city to reward their hard work... But the girls are quickly exhausted after one or two fights and need to restore their health near the wall of the town. So, they all do a lot of walk between the building and the battlefield... At this low rythm, it would take years to remove the 2000 slimes!

Your mission is −if you accept− to manage the money earned by the crew and spent it. You are a sort of strategy manager of the battle, and you can click on a shop (four are available) and decide where to spend an upgrade: something to improve their speed? a better attack level? a faster recovery? a spell to teleport? Many options are possible. The order you'll spend the money will define your strategy to win the battle. It gets funny as soon as you start to get a little overpowered crew cleaning the monitor.

Free/Libre and open-source:

Thanks to the authors because the game is fully open-source and released on Github under the MIT License [2]. It was made with FLOSS tools (GIMP, VS Code, Phaser, Audacity, git, Tiled) for the MiniJam22 contest [3] and congratz to Congusbongus and StarNavigator for reaching the 2nd place with Peppertown! 👍

Ideas for the future:

I don't know if this game will continue to receive update or development, but I wish! I really liked to see the sprite-sheet of DiamondDMGirl [4] in action, they work really well. So here is a quick list of ideas from my perspective: I wish the slime were not 'killed/destroyed', but captured or just kicked far away. I also wish the shop had other Pepper&Carrot characters; older witch, and the item be potions. Maybe before starting a game three screens could tell the story instead of a single one? Also, I'm not sure how one can loose a game? Maybe a countdown or a way slimes could start destroying the town? Just ideas. Thanks again to the authors for sharing it!