Check Your Painting Values with One Krita Shortcut

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New video tutorial: how to set up one Keyboard shortcut to check your painting values in #krita while painting? Here is a short (2min) quick tip to answer this :-)
Soon also on Peertube mirror managed by Touhoppai team: (thanks!)


  • 00:00 Intro and description.
  • 00:15 Demonstration of how to use the shortcut of 'Softproofing', with Ctrl+Y, it allows one to preview the canvas into another colorspace.
  • 00:43 I teach you here how to switch the document properties from the default CMYK "Chemical Proof" model in Absolute mode to the Greyscale model in perceptual mode.
  • 01:38 In the end of the video, I show you how to apply this change permanently to your next new documents.
  • 02:04 Outro and credits.

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link Rogério Guerreiro   - Reply

Great tip! In Photoshop I liked to paint drawings in shades of gray and then color them using gradient maps.
Gimp also has a similar feature, but I was unable to achieve the same result.

I haven't tried this on Krita yet ... but your tip will be of great help. Thank you very much!

link Leverlencre   - Reply

Awesome! Thanks.

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