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You are amazing! 235 books sold (and even a bit more while I'm writing this). Thank you very much!
Note: if you missed the launch yesterday; the books are here: https://www.davidrevoy.com/shop

So, over the last 24h I received many questions on social medias (and also many sweet words, thank you!). I tried to answer all of them and I'll continue over this week-end. Thank you very much for them, they are all interesting. I already reported the ones I answered the most on the FAQ page of the shop. I also added to the Shop the number of the books sold and I'll daily update it during October so the community get a better feedback of what it is to go self-published with POD in 2020.

Look mum, I apparently made a "bestseller" :-)

I also plan to show (with pie graph) where the money goes in case some of you believes I earn all the price that appear in the shop directly in my pocket. That's not true and I get a bit less than 1.5€ per book at the end. (and that's a lot compared to many contract I had in the past, under 0.10€ per book/boardgame). But that's also not the same size of distribution, not the same volume of products, not the same end price and I have no marketing team and budget to spread the news. So, thank you for sharing the news about the books around you, it really helps.

I would be very happy if this launch could cross the 1000 books sold: that would give me the financial opportunity to finally change my 10 year old computer with something more recent. If it happens, I'll make a new big tutorial video like the one of 1h40 about "Making a comic page from A to Z", detailed and all. Maybe "Making a book from A to Z with only FLOSS?"

Last words, I'm reticent to write it on the blog, but I can't refrain to share this with you because I feel torn emotionally: during the launch, I lost my grand-father. He was over 90 years old, knew second world war and the camps, had a lot of kids and worked on the metal industry (the factories, not a music band of course). He always kept many passions at home. He was curious about all electric devices and could repair them. I know he made a radio during the war from scratch at home to listen the news. A legend in family tells he invented the coat-hanger made of a single metal wire ^ _ ^ I never could verify this facts... He played organ and clarinet, but his first passion was really oil painting and dry pastel drawing. He painted only for the one he loved, decorating the house of the family, decorating the bedroom of my numbered cousins. He never made a single public exhibition. He was very impressive and his personality obviously influenced a lot of what I am now. Farewell, my "geeky painter" grand-father!

A sample of what I preferred from his art. Pictures are extracted from argentic photo scanned and sent by my cousins. I tried to redeform perspective, fix colors. Not perfect and far to do justice to his works, but that all I had now.

[edit] A photo of him and me, while fixing together an old film projector.

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link lopeztel|  

First of all, so sorry for your loss, I feel you. Your grandfather was very talented, it shows. Congratulations on the book launch! I hope many more are sold!

link Zalcoti  

"Making a book from A to Z with only FLOSS" would be wonderful to see! I'm in the same situation and would like to learn about your process to adapt into my own.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you and Thank you.

link Jaysen  

Sorry for your loss. Thanks for taking a bit of time to share how awesome and influential your grandfather was. Just ordered all four books. Looking forward to reading a physical version.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you very much.

link David Revoy Author,

Ok, in the worst case, if I can't budget two big weeks making a full detailed video, I still can publish my notes on a blog-post.

link Zalcoti  

And that would be perfectly fine. I hope to post my own processes using FLOSS in the future. I recently switched to Linux and have been learning how to use these programs. It's a nice alternative despite some issues. Maybe more people working in similar ways will help software development.

link Châu  

I use laptop from year 2007 and no money replace it. But some time use old tool very good and help keep environment clean too. Open standard PNG, EXR, SVG, HTML, WAV, OGG, MP3, etc all very old but not change and help keep old equipment work long time.

link David Revoy Author,

Well, I get your point. But right now, I need to unplug all the USB to power my PC. I could replace the power block; but also because it is from 2010; I have no USB 3.0 ; a lot of my external disk lags, my webcam can't stream the flow of data correctly. I could probably find for that a USB3.0-PCI card to plug on the motherboard... But I also have overheating issues (eg. the crash I had during FSF35 livestream ;) of CGcard, or motherboard. Well, you got it, at a moment, I just feel draged down by running that hardware for all the effort I put into my work. Replacing for a new hardware every 10 years is not something I'll feel culprit. ;-)

link Anonymouse  

I bought the artbook and plan on buying the rest when I have the monies. These are great! I love Pepper & Carrot!

link Francisco  

I'm sorry for your loss, David. And congratulations on the publication of your great books. Thank you for your generosity, and for your good work. I think you are an inspiration to anyone interested in artistic creation. You certainly are to me. You have taught me almost everything I know in the field of digital art, and I have discovered the world of GNU/Linux thanks to you.

link narayan  

Sorry for your loss David. I like your grandfather's work, looks very vivid and good to the eye.

link Châu  

May be yu like this mini desktop computer from company System76:

This company make Ubuntu/Pos OS Linux computer en Estados Unidos and open source hardware too. Also have Linux desktop and laptop too. Company send computer to France too:

link zeograd  

Sincères condoléances, David.

link David Revoy Author,


link David Revoy Author,

Thank you very much Francisco for your super nice words.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you Anonymouse!

link David Revoy Author,

Hehe, if only I had the budget.They have really good looking computer cases with half wood design.

link Metallicow  

Oooooo a BOOK! I must haz one.... thinking about #2.
Out of town atm, but will try to remember when I get to local bookshop and see if they can order me one since it says they ship worldwide. Then I can have my 1st Open Source comic book on the shelf !!! I used to work in a printshop, so yea, I understand your headaches with getting all this done and proofs/etc... I could then also print a single page off and see the differences in colors issues that you was having. That will surely help out a bit when I get around to doing SourceCoder in book form.
I'm sorry for your loss also. I understand. I felt the same way when my twin passed. He was an amazing artist also. He could draw naturally real well, was an avid volunteer at ComputerBanc, programmer, and in the end helped design/work on a bridge; one of the biggest jobs any individual can have in their life.
For a time, you will be in grief everytime you look at stuff, but when you start to cope with it all, you will become stronger/better in your works. Congratulations on your book David. Your grandfather would have been proud. I know I am.

link David Revoy Author,

I can't imagine the ordeal you have been throught for the lost of your twin.
Thank you very much for your touching, wise and kind words.

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