Shop F.A.Q

Here under is a set of questions I honestly invented but based on comments I received on the blog, social media and also by email. I hope you'll find an answer to your questions about my shop.

Q: When you'll release the next book?
A: It depends the rhythm of the production of new episodes. I need around 10 new episodes to make a new book. You can get an overview of all pages published here and count how many pages left to make a 72 pages book.

Q: I have a problem with Redbubbles or Drivethrucomics concerning the quality or the shipping, can you help me?
A: Unfortunately I can't help. Please contact and report the incident on your Redbubbles or Drivethrucomic profile, I'm sure they answer and take care of their customers. In case they can't, email me your story to I selected this services for being fun and good quality, I'm interested about feedback too.

Q: Could you sign my books before shipping?
A: Sorry, the books are produced on the Print-on-Demand factories. They never transit in my house (located in the south of France). So I can't sign them at shipping. But if you cross my way on a conference or an event, I'll be happy to sign and draw something on it.

Q: Where are the source of the products?
You can find everything here.

Q: Are you planning to self-publish the books in other languages than English?
A: I would love to, but my experience on the English books made me realize the load of work and investment necessary to make a good book. So, it's not something I can budget for sure on the short term. I prefer communities and publishers to handle the translation and publishing by themselves and propose a way to contribute back. I'll list them under "Community products".

Q: Will you release a self-published French version?
A: No, Pepper&Carrot is already published (all the books) by Glénat publishing since 2016. They are doing a good job with distributing it in all French speaking shops and also on the bookstore online. They are still the top patron for the release of new episodes. They also propose a cheaper price than what I could ever do with POD because they print big batch and have a really optimized process. Links to find their books are listed under "Community products".

Q: I made a Pepper&Carrot product, can you show it on "Community products"?
A: Send the result to my postal address (down the page, listed for sending gifts). That's necessary so I can do a photo of the product and review its quality. You can also contact me by email at to let me know about the URL of the shop and how you can contribute back to the project.

For any other questions; email them to, I'll try to reply quickly.

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