Brush•work study

Here is a brush•work study while starting the production of episode 34. Episode 34 will have the largest page count of the series with 11 pages! The story happens in the land of Ah and totally justify this unusual length. So, to make this production less painful, I'm studying how I could speed-up renderings and make my brush•work more visible is a good solution. I'll share soon a production report about ep34 with more details.

About the printed books, I had multiple rejections and corrections pass to do over the last weeks but I'll include that in a future update dedicated to the book project. I'm planning to write it after I get the books in hand. I feel I'll have a better mood to explain all the issue. I'm waiting now to receive the 8 printed proof ( three comic books + artbook in softcover and hardcover version) but the production of the printer is slower due to the pandemic, so I'm just waiting a bit more: a good reason to do progress on future ep34 during this time. :-)

License: "Brush•work study" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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