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link David Revoy  

Hey, so here is the second and last part of the Battlefield arc; I hope you liked it. It's an obvious reference to the life points system used in many video games but also on Tabletop RPGs. It also was a necessary episode to demotivate Pepper to use her power for war or to help armies; a very important element into the larger big story I have in mind for Pepper&Carrot. Thanks to all your contributions and patronage; I'm continuously amazed by how the project is evolving. July will be a month for finishing the book project and then I hope I'll be back in September with a new Episode 34. Have all a good summer until this!

link Luke Skytrekker  

Hahaha, this was one of your best yet, David! That punchline was perfect. Absolutely love how much this webcomic has grown, and where it's going. Also, can I just say I really appreciate that you release on an episodic schedule, rather than releasing a page every week or so? It's so much more compelling to get a complete experience in one sitting.
All the best to you!

link Asad M Mirza  

Oh my heart that was adorable. Doomed to fail but admirable.

link Anony  

Ah, je m'attendais à ce que Pepper réalise un sortilège qui défient les attentes et ne provoque aucun mort. Bien joué !

"Démotiver Pepper à utiliser ses pouvoirs pour la guerre, les armées ?"
Du fait de la nature légère du webcomic, on s'attend à ce que les thèmes 'matures' soit mis au derrière de la scène mais cette remarque me met le doute.

Il est clair que Pepper n'est pas du genre à apporter la souffrance parce que cela l'amuse. Du coup la démotivation dont tu parles. C'est par rapport à Pepper et sa magie ou le rapport entre Pepper et comment le monde voit les sorcières de Chaosa (j'espère que j'ai bien expliqué)

En tout cas c'est vraiment du super boulot, bon courage pour la suite et merci beaucoup !

link Jane  


link Anonymous  

Ah ah ah ah ! Pepper is so cute and so beautiful ! Et j'ai jamais autant rit !

link Jason Neill  

I really liked this one. I was thinking that fighting in a war was very out of character for Pepper, and this conclusion was exactly the kind of thing I've come to expect from her.

link Mark Munroe  

Knew something would happen near the end. Very funny, and I was not surprised that Pepper would do something silly like this. Thanks.

link Mark Munroe  

Knew something would happen near the end. Very funny, and I was not surprised that Pepper would do something silly like this. Thanks.

link Michelle the Wizard  

I love the artwork of this series!!! And I love the messages that this series promotes too👏👏👏 It's awesome that Pepper uses her magic to prevent violence and death rather than augment it ✨🤺 what a queen😌👸👑 🙌Overall, EPIC💥🚀🛸🤸💯 reading this series makes me so happy, thank you for all the effort you put into these!🕺✨

link Luch4  

This is a typical problem of not clearly formulated terms of reference. "Make me something cool" - "Done". So, who blame in this casus?

link Nicolas Carrier  

Super épisode comme toujours, je viens tout juste de le lire avec ma fille qui a adoré 😊
Mais je crois que ce qui m'a fait le plus rire, c'est pepper & carrot, avec leur masque, leur gel hydroalcoolique et surtout, leur rouleau de papier toilette 🤣

link TappedOut  

Is the "huUWOOOOOOOOOOO!" rendered as a bitmap? It looks like there are compression arifacts on the text.

link Arlo James Barnes  

If you look closely at the 'HD' version ( specifically you can see that it's more brushstrokey than jaggey ( to better convey the earthshaking sound of the horn.

A production report blog entry ( section 2C: Production, Lettering) discussed this a little; the nifty tools within SVG known as 'feature effects' (FE) are used (such as for instance). These alter raster or vector data in an SVG file (such as the vector letters of a font here) on the fly, creating basically a raster result but at an arbitrary scale (so one doesn't end up with mismatched resolution problems).

link Itzcuauhtli  

Hahahahahaha poor Pepper. For the right side, the time give her the reason. For the left, bot army join to punish her

link John minet  

J attendais cet épisode depuis quelque semaine déjà je comptais quand est ce que ça va arrivé. Super comme toujours plein d humour et une manière de peindre l’as couleur les ombre tellement plus belle qu un simple print. J adore vive le pépier de toilette.
Heureusement que carotte cours vite il es déjà à zero

link Michi  

Bugreport: The transcript and the HD buttons seem to be coupled. If I enable HD, it also enables the Transcript and if I disable transcript HD is disabled too. The only way to get HD without transcript is to edit the URL by hand.
Content: Even though I enjoy reading the current episode, can we please come back to children-friendly topics? The last three episodes where full of war, fights and IT references…

link Nina  

I wasn't surprised with the "no bloodshed and violence" part of the comics. I was surprised with the ending -- how both armies felt so humiliated that their war had been turned into a game that they both targeted Pepper instead. Still, Pepper is the wise one. Bloodshed is just so pointless.


Доброго дня,

Я уже долго наслаждаюсь Вашим творчеством, но в силу своей застенчивости, только сейчас решился написать Вам. Вы создали произведение наполненое ярким и искрометным юмором. Созданая вами вселенная прекрасна. Главная героиня влюбляет в себя своим озорством и непосредственностью. Каждая глава вашего комикса возращает меня в детство, оставляя приятный и добрый след в моём сердце. Желаю вам творческих успехов и с надеждой жду очередных приключений Пеппер.

С уважением и глубоким поклоном,


To me as an engineer, it is very familiar. )))

link Mona  

LOL, I loved it!

link Vinay  

Remember Pepper was raised and educated at Chaosah. She was taught all means of being destructive. But throughout the series, all we've seen was her using these magic skills for constructive or fun purposes. Summoning monsters for tea and cookies (Ep8), having quite a powerful but cute defense system (Ep9). Actual physical violence seemed limited to smashing her magic book against a monster (Ep26). Fair enough the IT references won't hit home for everyone (me being one of them) but hey, he's catering to a varied audience.

Until now Pepper's learning path and development has been determined by her teachers. I think she's now reaching the point where she'll develop her own views and ideals. I can see her either leave Chaosah behind and return to Hippiah, choose to restructure Chaosah, attend all different Hereva schools or just all of the above. What should have become clear now is that Pepper is not one to make war or fight and soon enough, this will become clear to her just as well.

link lopeyace  

This episode is like the anime "Maria the Virgin Witch" A girl who tries to change the world.

link Ed'  

AH !
J'ai découvert ton webcomics aujourd'hui et je l'ai dévoré... Et là, pouf, déjà la dernière planche !
J'ai vraiment hâte de lire la suite !

link EmDotRand  

Ah yes, the old "anger both sides so they stop fighting each other" tactic. Works every time.

link Romie  

Love it! First found this webcomic in 2015 but forgot it soon after.. Found it again after getting a tablet as a gift then learning krita.. Small world :)
I adore her idea here though, naive as it was

link freynir  

That was good. I almost fallen from the bed, when saw results of the spell, and some time after also swollen the tea, when seen that repeating zeroes over Pepper's and Carrot's head.

link ppom  

Thanks for this amazing webcomic ! I read it all in the afternoon.

link Aararker5  

I love pepper & Carrot but also I'm really sad Episode 34 did not come out in September but sometimes I kinda Pray that Pepper & Carrot will come to Reality.

link Aararker5  

Also im Nine

link Aararker5  

i know i say also in every sentence but also the way I found this Pepper & Carrot thing is just by writing a sentence on each Episode.

link Aararker5  

For a Google slide also in a couple of days I'm doing a CCAT test.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you @Aararker5, episode 34 is on the way; but it will take time: it's a difficult episode. Thank you for your patience!

link Shroom  

Honestly i wish wars could be like the spell Pepper cast.

The artwork is incredible!

link itsSunny  

We Need More Episodes!

link Jelf0  

I love the series and appreciate the craft that goes into it. Good luck for the next episode!

link Ellie  

if only real war worked like this

link Auren Torres  


link Shlomi Fish ("Rindolf")  

Thinking about it, I find that this comics may require so much work that: 1. it is too time consuming. 2. the quality gives an "information overload".

Also see . I used to enjoy reading before it ended, and now there is pony art and assets too ( ).

I may be wrong, but i'd rather voice my critique to avoid another case similar to and , who both didn't do things their way: .

link David Revoy Author,

Hi, I had difficulties to find relation to my situation with the given links in paragraph 2 and 3 (seriously? young celebreties dying at 13 of accident or being shot?whaaaat?) ; but I can understand your concern on paragraph 1. So, I'll limit my answer −sorry about that− to this paragraph 1.... Time consuming style to produce (and read) and information overload. I can understand a part of the audience is not used to this type of style anymore. Unfortunately, the pressure of "produce and release fast" of social network over the last 5 years put a strong pressure on the life of artist (imo) and produced a thick filter that prevented slower artist (details, slow technique, slower to produce ideas) to get funded, make a living and just exist... It's (on the other way) the golden age for comic artists with expressive, quick stroke or minimalistic approach. It creates a modern culture with new norms for comic: a webcomic should be quick, statisfying, released often and catch attention only between the pause of a timeline scrolling at morning. Pepper&Carrot has a different focus because of my own abilities and taste. I might one day starts to get a quicker style, with less lines, flat colors, and get more productive; but meanwhile, I'll just focus on making things the best I can. And with my own criteria, abilities, time-budget, life event management and perception, it result on how is made this webcomic.

link em  

this is super fun to read!

link Shlomi Fish  

Hi David! Thanks for the reply! Due to antispam measurements I wrote my reply to yours as a github-rendered document:

link Shlomi Fish  

After talking to someone on net chat, he mentioned that he had visited P&amp;C and liked it, he got tired waiting for new episodes and forgot about it. But "why can't we have both?": continue the narration using a more quick-to-prepare style and later rework some of them using the more quality (and slower) style. and I should note that "a man who crosses a river twice will cross two different rivers". I didn't write <a href="">Selina Mandrake</a> around 2011-2013 like I originally envisioned it in 1997-1998, and would write it differently today. I expect even "less" of other people who parody, adapt and/or remake someone else's work.

link David Revoy Author,

Hey, thanks for the advices and the care you have for the series. That's super nice to hear. Unfortunately, it would not work for me (I'm jealous of other who can handle that type of process, of course). I can't post-pone polishing/quality on the back of a future hypothetical "me" just to get faster now. ;-) For example, I know I would hate to have to manage/enhance the work of 2011-me this month... (Concept art for the short movie Tears of Steel!) Same for the future: I hope 2031-me will ,1. be still alive, and 2. have better to do than re-chewing/re-enhancing the ideas I have now. Art is just long, FLOSS software are slower/less-stable than proprietary software (my process has many workaround that are time consuming, one main reason it took so much time for the FLOSS comic book project in 2020), and modern life (family, managing a house, health, time management, motivation) is complex...
Pepper and Carrot is really homemade and I still work mostly alone on it.I can just tell please be patient and thank you for following the project.

link Shlomi Fish  

Thanks, David for the reply! Like I tweeted «Not only is "All Truth is God's Truth" ( ) but "truth" is a function of time. If everyone copied solutions in there'd be far more people who solved more than 400 probs, but ppl are honester today.» and «"the opposite of a great truth is often a great truth". (Niels Bohr IIRC)» so who is right and whether they will remain right are up to debate.

Some people build a mental model of a person, a character, an idea system, an organisation or a country, or the world, and expect their opinions or qualities to always remain the same. But they can all change. Linus Torvalds and RMS "slew" themselves - Linus by admitting that the kernel mailing lists should discourage tactlessness and impoliteness (see ), and RMS by resigning as the FSF president, because they both could change ( ). There used to be very few American girls who specialised in maths, but the situation seems to have been improving recently.

So either of us or both of us or none of us are right or will be right. I'll take some time to think about it, and I hope so would you. I do appreciate Pepper's sexier image in the last two episodes though ("pedophilia" aside: ).

link Catherine  

Bonjour David !

Comment vas-tu? Ca va malgré les confinements et le covid? Cela fait très longtemps que tu n'as pas publié les aventures de Pepper et Carrot, et, bon, je sais qu'il faut du temps pour créer chaque épisode, c'est un sacré boulot et le rendu est génial !
Mais bon du coup là c'est vraiment long, ça me pose question - et ça me manque ! En plus, l'intrigue se met en place, j'ai hâte de savoir quelle sorcière de chaos elle va devenir ! :D

Voilà, tu ne vas peut-être pas continuer... En tout cas, pour ma part j'ai toujours bcp aimé, les personnages et les décors sont supers beaux, les caractères attachants, et tes contraintes comme les épisodes sans paroles sont chouettes aussi ! Souvent plus poétiques, bravo ^.^

J'espère que tu vas bien, je garde ton blog dans mes adresses à guetter régulièrement !

link David Revoy Author,

Ca va avec des hauts et des bas, comme tout le monde je pense :-)
Oui, une grande partie de 2020 a été investi dans l'auto-édition anglaise; ça m'a pris de Juin à Décembre; et ce break m'a aussi fait un peu changer de regard par rapport à la série; j'ai eu besoin d'écrire une nouvelle aventure pour la suite. Pour débuter tout ça, ça demande d'énorme éffort; et un gros épisode de 10 pages assez complexe pour mes possibilités. Mais ça devrait arriver avant la fin Mars ;-)

link John  

This dead or what? It has been 9 months since the last release.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi, no it's not dead! I just spent a lot of time making the book-printing project with 100% Free/Libre and open source software.
It required time from June to November 2020; and then I started a new story arc for the project.
The next episode is scheduled before the end of this month. Thank you for your patience.

link John  

I see, I did not know of book-printing project, had only been reading the comics on the front page! That sounds like a lot of extra work.

I'm looking forward to that new release ))

link Mia  

Very funny!

link Mohak Gujar  

I love the series! But how do you attack if you can't kill? Can you please give me some more details about the war game.

link Peter  

LOVED this one thus far!

link Mellro  

haha, prooobably not exactly what the king was paying for you to do, lmaoo.

link Mara Huldra  

This is my favorite episode. It's so funny. I love how the typical grim fantasy trope is undermined. I also love the design of Pepper's dress.

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